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Fans of influencer Myka Stauffer were shocked when they learned she had rehomed her young son, Huxley, whom she adopted from China two years ago. In a YouTube video titled an update from our family, Myka and her husband James told fans that they were rehoming Huxley to a home that would better suit his needs. Myka and James described that they felt ill-equipped to adequately handle. Name: Myka Stauffer Best known for: YouTube star who rehomed her adopted autistic child Social media: @mykastauffer on Instagram The Ohio-based YouTuber was thrown into the spotlight after BuzzFeed broke the story of the now mom of four rehoming her autistic child, who she'd adopted from China. Other influencers were quick to call out Stauffer, who had roughly a million. She now has 2 biological daughters and 2 biological sons in her family. Myka faced backlash on social media after the couple revealed that they let Huxley go. #CancelMykaStauffer went on to trend on Twitter. How Tall is Myka Stauffer? Myka Stauffer has an average height and balanced weight. She has a slim body build YouTube star Myka Stauffer and her husband James are facing backlash for re-homing their young son, Huxley, who they adopted in 2017 and who has autism

Before she was Myka Stauffer, adoption vlogger, she was Myka Bellisari, a nurse and single mother living in Ohio, posting weight-loss videos to her YouTube channel.This was 2012, around the time she met James on OkCupid. After they moved in together in Indianapolis and got pregnant, the couple started The Stauffer Life, where they vlogged about their relationship and growing family

Scroll down to see more details and interesting facts about Myka Stauffer. Myka Stauffers real name. Her real name is Myka Stauffer. Myka Stauffer age and birth info. Myka Stauffer is 34 years old. She was born on June 2, 1987 in unknown, Australia. Myka Stauffers nationality is American Re: Myka Stauffer: Homeschool from bed, she's sick in the head | Pt 4 Unread post by Dawntreader » Thu May 14, 2020 9:13 pm Seriously I can't even with her latest vlog Myka Stauffer is the YouTube star from Dublin, Ohio, facing widespread criticism after she and her husband, James, decided to rehome their adopted son more than two years after they brought.

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YouTube star Myka Stauffer loses more than 15,000 subscribers after sparking fury when she revealed that she has 'rehomed' her adopted five-year-old autistic son Huxley. Analytics show that 33. Myka Stauffer 's lawyers are speaking out after her decision to rehome her son was met with backlash. Myka, 32, revealed in a YouTube video on Wednesday that she and her husband James have placed. After facing intense backlash, Myka Stauffer, a popular YouTuber, issued a public apology to her followers last month for rehoming her adopted son with autism. But Myka shouldn't have apologized for placing their child with another family. From what she and her husband revealed, the couple hadn't properly prepared to raise a child with disabilities, and were resistant to doing the hard work. The social media firestorm surrounding popular vlogger Myka Stauffer isn't going away any time soon As we've been reporting, the YouTuber and her husband James controversially placed their.

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Authorities investigating whereabouts of Myka Stauffer's 'rehomed' son amid backlash. Local authorities are investigating the status of Huxley, the adopted child who was rehomed by his. Since baby O was born Myka shut herself away in her bedroom to bond with perfect child, final baby.. the children are now out of the house 6-7 hours a day, the baby sleeps all night, is on formula, Hux is in home therapy 5 days a week, 8hours a day. Companies and brands are distancing themselves from YouTuber Myka Stauffer, who revealed last week that she had rehomed her adopted son, who has autism, following a social media backlash, according to People magazine.. Playtex Baby, Danimals, Mattel/Barbie, Suave and Chili's are among the companies that had previously partnered with Stauffer and are now saying that they will not be.

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Huxley Stauffer and her 'missing' status. YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer have adopted some kids. They had taken in Huxley, 5 from China in 2017. Myka had earlier told on her YouTube channel that they used the services of the World Association for Parents and Children or WACAP to adopt Huxley Update on Mykashe's still making videos as if she's a bachelorette. Is she for real with that morning routine as a mom of 5?! No word on Huxley's whereabouts, but she replied to a comment on one of her videos that they will be making a video in the coming weeks addressing what's going on with him. I somehow doubt that The social media firestorm surrounding popular vlogger Myka Stauffer isn't going away any time soon As we've been reporting, the YouTuber and her husband James controversially placed their. A post shared by Myka Stauffer (@mykastauffer) on Apr 21, 2020 at 2:58pm PDT In July 2016 they announced plans to adopt a toddler from China, and that they were considering adopting a second from.

A brief history under the cut: Reveal hidden contents. Huxley, now around four-and-a-half, was adopted from China in October of 2017 at the age of 2. Myka documented the whole saga in the year it took to bring him home (including China's changing policies of adoption that nearly derailed the process) YouTube Stats Summary / User Statistics for Myka Stauffer (2021-06-05 - 2021-06-18

Myka & James Stauffer: Return of the Living Garbage (Week of June 22nd) I can't believe the lack of shame of these two with their return. I mean, I can but would rather think people surely can't be this much of a shitbag. ETA: Screenshots of her trash four page Notes app apology Stauffers had the chance to be honest when they came back from their 10 day ( 24 hour flight) to Bali. Instead Myka started posting negative Huxley comments on IG, she stopped family filming, posting all the kids together, and was ignoring all the nice where's Huxley questions One of Myka's last posts featuring Huxley, on Feb. 16, discussed the difficulties of dealing with his special needs.We have hard days, lots of them. This week, she revealed why he'd gone missing from her videos. Myka Stauffer built her YouTube following partly by sharing every step of her journey to adopt a toddler from China

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  3. forces''investigation launched into r myka stauffer s June 4th, 2020 - it s been a week since rs myka stauffer and james stauffer shared their decision to place their adopted son huxley in the care of another family now the delaware coun' 'bowling Ball Vs Trampoline From 165m Da
  4. Kate Hudson's athleticwear brand Fabletics has cut ties with YouTuber Myka Stauffer. If you don't know, last week, it was revealed that Myka and her husband rehomed their three-year-old son.
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