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Omi challenges Dyris into a Xiaolin Showdown, as she wagers hes Fist of Tebigong against Omi's Gills of Hamachi, with the game being Steal the Wu on dry land. She gets out of the water and transforms into her true form of a giant, hideous monster. When the showdown starts, Dyris starts off by flicking Omi against the wall with the Fist of. Dyris is an antagonist in Xiaolin Showdown.She is a a beautiful mermaid who sought to put the world underwater. She only appears in the Xiaolin Showdown episode, Scream of the Siren.. She was voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voiced Azula, and Catwoman

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Xiaolin Showdown › Dyris. Dyris. Grey DeLisle-Griffin is the voice of Dyris in Xiaolin Showdown. TV Show: Xiaolin Showdown Franchise: Xiaolin Showdown. Dyris VOICE . Grey DeLisle-Griffin. Latest News When the Xiaolin learn that Dyris is an evil siren who wants to flood the world using underwater volcanoes and rule it, they must defeat her in a Xiaolin Showdown to save the Earth. Synopsis The episode begins as Omi faces Jack Spicer in a Xiaolin Showdown for the Gills of Hamachi , a Shen Gong Wu that allows the user to breathe underwater

Klofange was an ancient warrior who was hunting the mermaid Dyris from flooding the world to rule it. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Physical appearances 4 Powers and Weaknesses 5 Relationships 6 Did you know... 7 Major Battles 8 References 9 See Also All that is known of Klofange's past is that he hunted the mermaid Dyris, so as to save the world from her evil plans. However, during a clash in. Villains are all the characters, that were against the protagonists in both series

Xiaolin Showdown! (The mountain rose up and shaped into a steep hillside. Kimiko noticed she wasn't in her Xiaolin Showdown armor, but instead her snow clothes. Which was a snow hat, jacket and gloves, and on her jacket was a symbol of fire. Dyris and Chase had similar clothes, except Chase's was black and armor like and had a symbol of a dragon Jack Spicer is a self-proclaimed 'evil genius' and one of the series' primary antagonists.He made his first appearance in the debut episode of Xiaolin Showdown, The Journey of a Thousand Miles planning world domination and releasing Wuya from her puzzle box. He then joins forces with her to find Shen Gong Wu together in order to further his goals After a Xiaolin Showdown, the Xiaolin Warriors find the mermaid Dyris frozen in ice. After freeing her, she is attacked by a warrior who was also frozen in ice, named Klofange, who Dyris says is trying to destroy all mermaids and she is the last. Jack takes Klofange to his headquarters, and the Xiaolin take Dyris to the temple mama could just straight-up drown me any day of the week. comet comments xiaolin showdown dyris screencap why do half of these have play buttons what the heck was i doing put her on my waifu chart. 4 years ago 34 notes. harmonyuniverses liked this. bia86165 liked this

Klofange is the minor supporting character from the Xiaolin Showdown episode, Screams of the Siren. He is a hunter who was hunting the evil mermaid Dyris. 1 Backstory 2 Personality 3 Skills 4 Relationships 5 Navigation Klofange dedicated his life to hunt down the mermaid Dyris, in order to.. In the episode Scream of the Siren, Ryan saves Dyris. And at one point, Sci-Ryan challenged Dyris to a Xiaolin Showdown. In the episode Sands of Time, Ryan plans to use the Sands of Time to travel back in time and save Sean Ryan and his two kids, Oisin Ryan and Orla Ryan from getting killed by Linda Ryan but Linda uses it to change her fate Looking over the side, he saw the beetle floating in the water and sighed in relief as he went to grab it only for it to be pressed into his palm, activating a showdown as Dyris rose from the water with the demand that the Wu was hers to claim. You wish. You're in a showdown now and you'll have to win against me to get it. he growled Wuya is one of the main antagonists in Xiaolin Showdown, serving as the main antagonist in the first series and principal antagonist to the whole Xiaolin series. Wuya is an evil Heylin witch who was once the most powerful and evil being in the world and who also once tried to conquer the world One-thousand and five-hundred years prior to the show's beginning. She is constantly trying to. SUPPORT THE SHOW: https://www.patreon.com/rebeltaxiTUMBLR: http://rebeltaxi.tumblr.com/FACEBOOKhttp://www.facebook.com/panpizzaLET'S PLAY Channel: http://www..

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  2. raimundo xiaolin showdown. February 6, 2021. He frees Dyris from an iceberg in Screams of the Siren and becomes charmed by her compliments. The four warriors, Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay, have been called to protect the Shen-Gong-Wu from evil forces. Deobicei, este îmbrăcat cu un hanorac alb cu glugă, niște blugi verzi și adidași.
  3. He noticed Dyris was heading back to the Armadillo and Jack was heading towards them with several shark-like bots. Phillip followed Dyris and pushed her out of the way. He then hit a button in the Armadillo which transformed the Wu into its smaller form. Phillip collected the Wu that Dyris stole and swam back to the Silver Manta Ray

When the Xiaolin monks defeats him in a showdown, Chase accepts his loss and releases Omi from his grasp. A ruthless, self-serving yet charismatic and honorable Heylin warlord, Chase Young stood out as one of the Xiaolin's greatest foe, never being truly defeated in the end despite suffering numerous setbacks This is the episode script of Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Xiaolin Showdown. [Theme song] [The episode starts at the Xiaolin Showdown] Ryvine Sparkle: I know Jack want to do knife throwing but his mom takes him figure skating. [mimics Jack's mom's voice] You never know it might come in handy. [in his own voice] I know Jack was bad for making a robot out of a juicer. Crash Bandicoot: That. dodles dyris warnerbrosanimation mermayday7 dodlesfordeviantart dailydodles mermaidvillain mermaid xiaolinshowdown mermay mermaychallenge mermay2020 More Dyris was an underrated villain from Xiaolin Showdown, would anyone else agree Dyris (Xiaolin Showdown) By metal1416 Watch. 23 Favourites. 0 Comments. 335 Views. fanart fantasy fantasycreature hypnosis mermaid monstergirl pinupgirl sassy seamonster seduction seductive sexy siren sirena dyris mermaidpinup dueloxiaolin.

Odin Borson (Earth-94001) Loki Laufeyson(Earth-94001) Steve Rogers(Captain America) (Earth-12041) Howard Stark (Earth-199673) Amora the Enchantres Dyris (Xiaolin Showdown) Deviation Actions. Comment. By. PPG2009. Watch. Published: 6 days ago. See More by PPG2009. How many cast memes would you pick for the first Cast M.. Jessie Bailey - Jasiri (The Lion Guard) Mala Mala Jong - Tamatoa (Moana) Cyclops - Sharptooth (The Land Before Time) Dyris - Kijana (The Lion Guard) Chameleon Bot - Whitehood (The Jungle Cubs) Muffin Face - Dogo (The Lion Guard) Heylin Omi - Bear (The Fox and the Hound

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We never even hear from Dyris or Klofange again. I suppose we learn don't judge a book by it's coverbut as a kid, the lesson you take away the most is don't trust mermaids because they're manipulative. S2, Ep. 23 Something Jermaine: Greeaaat. Another episode of Omi being jealous. As if this hasn't happened before Shadow, initially referred to as Willow, is one of the main antagonists of Xiaolin Chronicles. She fights alongside her Master in the fight against the Xiaolin Dragons for the mystical Shen Gong Wu artifacts to rule the world. She was voiced by Jennifer Hale. 1 Biography 1.1 Season One 2 Personality 3 Appearance 3.1 As Willow 3.2 As Shadow 4 Relationships 4.1 Heylin 4.1.1 Chase Young 4.2.

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  1. Ficlet Title: Sickness Fandom: Xiaolin Showdown Author: hitagashi Warning/Spoilers: severe AU, mentions of sickness Genre: AU, family Character(s); Pairing(s): Jack, Dyris (Nanna Spicer) Rating: G Word Count: 255 Summary: She spends so much time on land that it's weird when she gets sick. Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin Showdown and make no money from these writings
  2. Dyris has three sisters. The age sequence from oldest to youngest is: Bryony, Dyris, Ianthe, Eilidh.. Bryony [blonde]: - Eldest. - The leader of the pack. - confident, cocky, and ruthless. - Very calm and collected, frustratingly so, never loses her temper
  3. Unreliable Expositor: Dyris recollects her final moments before she and Klofange were encased in ice as being an intense scene where the poor helpless mermaid was about to be hunted by the demonic-looking hunter. Given what we learn about Dyris's true nature, this could not be further from the truth. Villain Ball: Dyris has the chance to win the showdown shortly after it begins by stealing Omi.

Pink diamond (steven Image by chelyaudi. 2020-06-19T18:27:11.379Z. Pink diamond (steven universe) vs dyris (Xiaolin showdown) #freetoedit stevenuniverse. Su. Pinkdiamondstevenuniverse. Pinkdiamond. Pinkdiamondsu. Dyris. Dyris Xiaolin showdown Xiaolin Showdown: Kimiko Tohomiko, Evil Doll, Betie, Dyris, Singing Old Lady, Omi Mom 2003 -05 Star Wars: Clone Wars: Asajj Ventress, Padme Amidala, Shaak Ti, Adi Gallia, Nelvaanian Woman, Nelvaanian Child 2004: Dave the Barbarian: Vermite Queen, Cackline, Deena, Troll Girl 2004 -06 The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Geniu

Dyris: Tubbimura: Gigi : Sibini: Sapphire Dragon NightFrog posted over a year ago: view results | next poll >> Xiaolin Showdown More Polls. Which actor looks the most like their character? Who voiced by Grey DeLisle is your favorite? Who voiced by Tom Kenny is your favorite Xiaolin Showdown (Cartoon) Relationships: Master Monk Guan/Chase Young; Jermaine/Omi (Xiaolin Showdown) Raimundo Pedrosa/Jack Spicer Ashley, Tubbimura, Chase, Hannibal, Gigi, Le Mime, Dyris. The list went on, his face twisting into more worry as it did. The worst part, he knew, is that these were just the villains they'd met. Once upon a. Only one person stood by me, believed in me, and trusted me. That is where I choose to go.Omi turns to the dark side. Dark Omi, also known as Evil Omi, is an antagonist in Xiaolin Showdown. 1 Biography 1.1 Judging Omi 1.2 Going to the Yin-Yang World 1.3 Turning to the Dark Side 1.4 Saving Omi 1.4.1 Attacking the Temple 1.5 Saving Omi's Life 1.6 Turning into a Cat 1.7 Finding Omi 2 Personality.

Xiaolin Showdown is a 2000s animated series about Omi, a young monk-in-training from the Xiaolin Temple who is accompanied by three international friends (also monks) on a quest to search and protect sacred artifacts (Shen Gong Wu) that hold the keys to mystical superpowers Dyris roared and swatted the female warrior away with her arm. Juno straightened herself out in mid-air and landed on her feet. That all you got, sea hussy? Skating across the ice, the redhead headed for the mermonster. Dyris slammed the Fist of Tebigong on the ice and flicked out a finger when Juno was close enough Anti-Hero: He's rather trigger-happy since his first appearance has him shoot explosives at Dyris when the Xiaolin Dragons just saved her from the freezing water, so they naturally defend her from him. He's also quite scary-looking. Once Dyris' true nature gets elaborated on, he's firmly in the right. Badass Beard: A large, shaggy black one

A Emmy Award-winning Warner Bros cartoon, Xiaolin Showdown (2003-2006) follows the adventures of four teens (well, three teens and one child) selected to become the next Xiaolin Dragons: Omi, the precocious young Chinese monk and Dragon of Water; Clay, the strong, steady Texan cowboy and Dragon of Earth; Raimundo, the sharp-tongued Brazilian surfer dude and Dragon of Wind; and Kimiko, the tech. (*Cues: Xiaolin Showdown the Game - Showdown 01*) Boomstick: Shadow is an incredibly deadly lady. As Willow, she easily seduces the boys, perfectly slices cheese with her bare hands, easily strides through trees, endured hot and cold temperature being poured on her, and casually crossed an alligator infested swamp PandaBubba is a ruthless Hong Kong kingpin, and a minor antagonist in Xiaolin Showdown. 1 Personality 2 Appearance 3 History 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 Navigation PandaBubba is a manipulative, power-hungry, uncompromising, and totalitarian crime boss who will stop at nothing to become the supreme crime lord of all Hong Kong. He will often double-cross allies to suit his needs and fulfill his. It's made more difficult when Omi keeps getting distracted by Dyris' feminine charms despite knowing the truth about her. He could at least try to withstand her flirts. Ultimately, the matter, as usual, has to be settled with a Xiaolin Showdown where the winner must steal the other's Shen Gong Wu A hunter who was seeking the [[spoiler:evil]] mermaid Dyris.----* AntiHero: [[spoiler:He's rather trigger-happy since his first appearance has him shoot explosives at Dyris when the Xiaolin Dragons just saved her from the freezing water, so they naturally defend her from him. [[DarkIsNotEvil He's also quite scary-looking]]

Xiaolin Showdown is a 2011 television series based on the animated series of the same name by Christy Hui. It is a reboot and first aired as a TV film on August 31, 2011 and as a full series on October 1, 2011. 1 Plot 2 Characters 2.1 Heroes 2.2 Villains 2.2.1 Heylin 2.2.2 Others 2.3 Allies 3 Episodes 3.1 Mini-series: 2011 3.2 Series 1: 2011-2012 4 Production 5 Soundtrack 5.1 Disc 1: Music. Once Dyris' true nature gets elaborated on, he's firmly in the right.]]\n* BadassBeard: A large, shaggy black one.\n* BadassNormal: Gets by purely on his weapons and strength, yet manages to [[CurbStompBattle curb stomp]] the monks and fight against Dyris in her true form.\n* BladeOnAStick: [[ImpossiblyCoolWeapon A trident which can fire. The Apprentice (Xiaolin Showdown): lt;p|>||||| This is a complete list of ||Xiaolin Showdown|| episodes. |Xiaolin Showdown| is an |a... World Heritage Encyclopedia.

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A place for fans of Xiaolin Showdown to watch, share, and discuss their favorite videos. Xiaolin Showdown Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins dyris. megan. 1. Xiaolin Showdown- Episode 2. added by NightFrog. Uploaded by XiaolinShowdown11. video. 1. Xiaolin Showdown- Episode 3. added by NightFrog Xiaolin Chronicles S01 E10. annstevenstv. 22:05. Xiaolin Chronicles, les chroniques Xiaolin (1x22) : Qui a rétrécit Maître Fung (VF) Ophélia Paisley. 22:05. Xiaolin Chronicles,les chroniques Xiaolin (1x02) : Une fille nommée Willow (VF) Ophélia Paisley. 6:28 Wudai Warrior Adventures. Wudai Warrior Adventures is the fanfiction involving Xiaolin Showdown. Omi, a Xiaolin Monk, Raimundo, a Brazilian Street Kid, Kimiko, a Japanese Computer Girl and Clay, a Texan Cowboy, lead the fight against the forces of evil: Chase Young, Jack Spicer and Hannibal Roy Bean Clay Bailey (Jeff Bennett, Showdown) (David Kaye, Chronicles) - Xiaolin Dragon of Earth who dates Dyris the Mermaid from Screams of the Siren. Dojo Kanojo Cho (Wayne Knight, Showdown) (Michael Donovan, Chronicles) - a green, later yellow dragon who is the guide of the Xiaolin Warriors Omi and the others must work together, entering the world of Yin, in an all-out effort to save the earth from Chase Young's evil army. Other villains our young monks will encounter include Cyclops, PandaBubba, Ice Creature and Dyris, a beautiful, evil mermaid who morphs into a grotesque monster when out of water

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Meanwhile, Omi at the Xiaolin Temple in China must deal with the new recruits Kimiko Tohomiko, Clay Bailey, and Raimundo Pedrosa. When the first Shen Gong Wu reveals itself, the Xiaolin and Heylin forces first meet, leading up to the first Xiaolin Showdown. 2 Like a Rock! Steven Lyons: Bill Motz & Bob Roth: November 8, 2003: 10 Xiaolin Showdown Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins. Explore Fanpop. Xiaolin Showdown Videos on Fanpop. Xiaolin Showdown. Mix; Sign Up; Use Classic Fanpop; Xiaolin Kombat. added by TheDarkEmpire. by FirebenderKitty. video. xiaolin. showdown. mortal. kombat. dyris. megan. 1. Xiaolin Showdown- Episode 2. added by. Ryulong 02:45, 1 June 2006 (UTC) Xiaolin Showdown isn't listed as a cartoon cartoon, because cartoon cartoons were the earlier original shows of cartoon network. Since, until somewhere around the year 2001, 2002, or 2003 they stopped calling their original cartoons cartoon cartoons Dyris (Xiaolin Showdown) The Mer-Boy (Rupert the Bear) Sirenas (Elena of Avalor) Mermaid Pirate (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Mermaid (Shimmer and Shine) Comics. Iqula of Tritonis (Aquaman) Guy Guppy the Man-Mermaid (Babe, Darling of the Hills) Merpeople (DC Comics) Mer-People (Marvel Comics) Mermaid (Marvel Comics) Movie

Other villains our young monks will encounter include Cyclops, PandaBubba, Ice Creature and Dyris, a beautiful, evil mermaid who morphs into a grotesque monster when out of water.Xiaolin Showdown: The Complete Second Season (DVD) Warning: Prod 65 Warning required. www.p65warnings.ca.gov. Specifications The power to be transformed in some way when inside a different environment. Sub-power of Environmental Adaptation. Variation of Shapeshifting. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Variations 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users 7 Known Locations 8 Gallery Area Transformation Ecological TransformationUser is transformed in some way when inside a new environment. The transformation is related. Xiaolin Showdown Season show reviews & Metacritic score: After the Warriors befriend a mermaid trapped in ice that's being hunted by an ancient warrior, they soon discover that the warrior and mermaid aren't exactly w.. The characters of Xiaolin Showdown: 1 The Xiaolin Dragons 2 Omi 2.1 Raimundo Pedrosa 2.2 Kimiko Tohomiko 2.3 Clay Bailey 3 Xiaolin Monks 3.1 Master Fung 3.2 Dojo Kanojo Cho 3.3 Grand Master Dashi 3.4 Master Monk Guan 4 The Heylin 4.1 Jack Spicer 4.2 Wuya 4.3 Chase Young 4.4 Hannibal Roy Bean 5 Recurring Characters 5.1 Jermaine 5.2 Katnappe 5.3 Tubbimura 5.4 Mala Mala Jong 5.5 Vlad 5.6.

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Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown! In a flash, the showdown was set. Geysers were shooting up high into the sky as trails of water were going in different directions. The Monarch Wings had come to life and was now flying in the air. Kimiko was on a piece of rock with Sibini, who suddenly grew into a much more larger version of himself.. Video of Kimiko Tohomiko - Just Dace, Xiaolin monks ~ for fans of Xiaolin Showdown. by Liz

Video of Chase and Kimiko- Poor Unfortunate Souls for fans of Xiaolin Showdown. by pinkfirepowe Xiaolin Showdown - Season 2 (3-Disc) - DVD-R (2017) for $26.30 from OLDIES.com Television Omi and the others must work together, entering the world of Yin, in an all-out effort to save the earth from Chase Young's evil army. - Order by Phone 1-800-336-462 The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for November was revised up from +176,000 to +196,000, and the change for December was revised down from +312,000 to +222,000 Draxolotl is a draconic axolotl monster that is planned to appear in Nature Squadron: Fangranger. She can turn herself into a stone can disguise herself as a princess to blend in can breathe blue fire can create gusts of wind with her wings can create and summon gargoyles and can use a poisonous blade as a weapon. Hasele based Draxolotl off of the following characters: Demona from Gargoyles. From what she recalled, she saw Dyris and felt something of a connection, which made sense to her since she'd been away from other girls for a long time. When it started feeling weird, though—with butterflies and the finding every excuse to visit her and whatnot—that was when Kimiko stubbornly shelved the whole idea aside because this was.

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Dyris w postaci syreny. Dyris - główna i tytułowa antagonistka odcinka Krzyk syreny w Xiaolin - pojedynek mistrzów, zmiennokształtna syrena, która w wodzie przybiera postać pięknej kobiety z rybim ogonem od pasa w dół, zaś na lądzie staje się ogromnym drapieżnym potworem przybierając taki wygląd, że - według łowcy Kleofange'a żaden człowiek nie powinien tego dwa razy w. Dyris - Hynden Walch Chase Young - Andrew Kishino Hannibal Roy Bean - Steve Blum 08-10-2014 If there is to be a Japanese-language dub of Xiaolin Showdown and Xiaolin Chronicles, I think that the guy who did Dr. Eggman in Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games should voice Master Fung

Dyris. marry me. Married to 20 people: Evil Chase. marry me. Married to 7 people: evil chase HOTTIE!!! marry me. Married to 25 people: Fist of Tebigong. marry me. Visit the [ Xiaolin Showdown ] Image Gallery to view all Images. Xiaolin Showdown Views » 378: Xiaolin Showdown Views » 293: Xiaolin Showdown Views » 307: Xiaolin Showdown. Xiaolin Showdown: The Complete Third Season by Artist Not Provided DVD $18.20. Only 7 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. Xiaolin Showdown: The Complete First Season by Artist Not Provided DVD $22.99. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com Main Xiaolin Showdown Cast . Omi voiced by Tara Strong and 5 others . Kimiko Tohomiko voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin and 4 others . Raimundo Pedrosa Dyris voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin . Klofange voiced by Tom Kenny . Mr. Tohomiko voiced by Jeff Bennett . Gigi voiced by Jeff Bennett Dyris (from Xiaolin Showdown) as Princess Aurora Prince Hans (from Frozen) as Prince Phillip Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) as Flora Morgana (from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea) as Fauna Marina Del Ray (from The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning) as Merryweather Elsa (from Frozen) as Maleficent Percival C. Mcleach (from The Rescuers Down Under) as King Stefan Madame Medusa.

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Xiaolin Showdown Challenge picture created by JulieBaka using the free Blingee photo editor for animation. Design Xiaolin Showdown Challenge pics for ecards, add Xiaolin Showdown Challenge art to profiles and wall posts, customize photos for scrapbooking and more 2. Jermaine: During an adventure in New York, the Xiaolin Warriors, Omi in particular, encounter a boy named Jermaine. Jermaine has excellent basketball skills, and helps Omi when he is separated from his friends. Jermaine then teams up with Omi in a Xiaolin Showdown against Jack Spicer, in a basketball tag team

Xiaolin Showdown:The Adventures Continue. Is a sequel series to Xiaolin Showdown. It is set after the series finale Time After Time. The Monks are promoted from Wudai Warrior to Shoku Warrior rank. However due to the sands of time being broken time is mucked up, they must reassemble the sands of.. This season the four warriors advance to Apprentice level Dragons-In-Training. There are over 50 new Shen-Gong-Wu, including those that give powers of time travel, mind reading and one that enables the user to enter his opponents dream world! The Xiaolin Showdowns are much more perilous, and their opponents more threatening and powerful. The most threatening opponent of them all is a new and. Uranimated18's TV-spoof of Xiaolin Showdown Omi - Gadget Boy (Gadget Boy and Heather) Kimiko Tohomiko - Yumi Yoshimura (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi) Raimundo Pedrosa - Joey Felt (Atomic Puppet) Jack Spicer - Zak Monday (The Secret Saturdays) Clay Bailey - Chuck McFarlane (Chuck's Choice) Master Fung - Rusty Rivets Wuja - Star Butterfly (Star vs. The Forces of Evil) Dojo Kankojo Cho - Herb (3. There are 70 characters in the Xiaolin Showdown franchise on BTVA.17 of these have appeared multiple times as different versions of a character across various titles/mediums.53 characters have appeared in only a single title. Multiple Incarnations: 17 characters Single Characters: 5

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Title: Xiaolin Showdown: The Complete Second Season. This season the four warriors advance to Apprentice level Dragons-In-Training. The Xiaolin Showdowns are much more perilous, and their opponents more threatening and powerful Then, finally, the group's yellow-skinned monk appeared beside Dojo's side. Clay Bailey (Jeff Bennett, Showdown) (David Kaye, Chronicles) - Xiaolin Dragon of Earth who dates Dyris the Mermaid from Screams of the Siren. About this clip Show: Xiaolin Showdown Episode: Shen Yi Bu Language: English Duration: 23 Seconds Contributor: Dragoniade Last Updated: 2016-10-23 20:08:27. The very best kid.

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When Raimundo doesn't get promoted to Xiaolin Apprentice level because he disobeyed Fung's orders, Wuya persuades him over to the Heylin side. This is up to you to decide. Unnatural History • Set in a world where martial arts battles and Eastern magic are commonplace, the series follows four young Xiaolin warriors Using a mystical leaf and using no Shen Gong Wu, they must search for the. Screams of the Siren is the 27th episode of Xiaolin Showdown (TheWildAnimal13 Style). Omi - Bunga (The Lion Guard) Raimundo Pedrosa - Kion (The Lion Guard) Kimiko Tohomiko - Fuli (The Lion Guard) Clay Bailey - Beshte (The Lion Guard) Master Fung - Streaky the Supercat (Krypto the Superdog) Dojo Kanojo Cho - Ono (The Lion Guard) Jack Spicer - Janja (w/Cheezi and Chungu as extras; The Lion.

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Xiaolin Showdown. Dyris (Xiaolin Showdown) metal1416 23 0 Collection Mario ~ Mario VS Bowser et un Bob-Omb Astrogirl500 9 0 Jack and Wuya Kosa17 11 2 Animation Infamy XXII- The Chloe Carmichael Show KingZanderSanchez-i 23 45 Marylemon42 ultimate Shipping hate Marylemon42 5 4 XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN - commissioned - A NEW COMPANION ZaxsSouven 53 4 Clay's Elemental Shen Gong Wu. When used with his Wudai Weapon, the Big Bang Meteorang can move earth by sending the power through the ground, allowing it to rise and crush the enemy. It is worn on the whole left arm, and gives the user the ability to use the Wudai Crater-Earth technique. Wudai Weapons Top 10 Villains That Appeared at Xiaolin Showdown. 2 2. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! 2 0. +2. 1 Wuya. 1 0. +1. 2 Chase Young

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Xiaolin Showdown . Results | Messages. Yeah, this is a poll... and I don't own Xiaolin Showdown. Who do you think would win in the greatest showdown ever? Omi Clay Kimiko Raimundo Jack Chase Wuya Master Fung Master Monk Guan Omi vs. Dyris (Screams of the Siren) Old Omi & Omi vs. Old Jack & Jack (The Sands of Time Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Tr Dyris (Xiaolin Showdown) June (Mermaids) Lucia Nanami (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pichi) Meroune Lorelei (Monster Musume) Mipha (The Legend of Zelda) Primarina (Pokemon) Shan (The Mermaid 2016) Shirahoshi (One Piece) Sun Seto (Seto No Hanayome) Starfy (The Legendary Starfy) Weaknesses. Ariel is exposed, naked