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Shop The Antler™ Range: The Suitcase Specialist Trusted By Travellers. Shop Today Highland Antler Dog Chew Small Pack of 4 Natural Deer Antler Organic Chew For Small Dogs 28 £20 99 (£20.99/count Home of Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews Naturally Designed to Delight Dogs and Owners. Instinctively loved by our canine friends. Our Deer Antler Dog Chews satisfy their desire to chew

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Split antlers: perfect for occasional and softer chews, teething puppies and older dogs. Since the antlers are split, it's easier for your dog to access the tasty, nutrient-rich marrow that lives inside! Fallow antlers: perfect for puppies, older dogs or softer chewers. As with all chews, it's essential to supervise your dog while they're chewing Deer antlers for dogs can have a harder texture than other varieties of antlers. They come in a wide range of sizes to select the right fit for your dog's size and chewing behavior. Elk antlers for.. Deer Antler Powder & Tablets Benefits in Dog's Supplementary Diet Summary: Deer antlers contain 10 out of 10 exogenous amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and must be supplied to the body with food. The amino acids ensure the production of hormones, the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles and metabolism Farm Food Easy Antlers have been sawn lengthwise, making the marrow immediately available. This makes it easy for your dog to start on the marrow and allows it to get used to the taste and principle of deer antlers. Ideal for puppies, seniors and smaller or picky dogs that aren't used to gnawing on deer antlers

We are excited to offer genuine British deer antlers sourced from the Scottish Highlands. 100% Natural, our shed deer antlers make healthy and long-lasting chews. They are also low in fat, provide minerals and nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus and help to clean teeth. Choose from 4 sizes: Small - 30-80g. Medium - 81-150g. Large - 151-200g Benefits of Deer Antlers for Dogs Antlers are made up of mainly calcium and phosphorus, but also includes other vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, sulphur and zinc. These minerals are vital for keeping bones and muscles strong. The main health benefit of deer antlers though, is their use in aiding in dental care for your dog Red Deer Antlers are fantastic dog chews, because they are 100% natural, full of minerals, lasts for ages and are odorless to humans. They are suitable for any dog breed, we have sizes from Small to Super XL and dogs love them, they love to explore the different taste and texture; playing, chewing, licking, carrying and grinding them

Naturally Shed. We say a bone or an antler, but in fact, antlers are bones and are extensions of the skulls of (usually male) members of the deer (Cervidae) family. Deer use antlers both for combat with rivals and to attract mates. Most species of deer naturally shed their antlers each year, with these being replaced by the growth of bigger and. Antos Antler Our Antos Antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe. Antler is a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew - Extra Large You can feel good about giving your dog an antler chew from Staglers. Each spring male deer they lose their antlers, after mating, which will then start growing again, year on year. Our antlers are collected from free-ranging deer in southern Europe, brushed, hand-cut and graded on weight

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The Antos Antler is another of our 100% Natural chews for dogs. Our Antos Antlers are from red deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe Are Deer Antlers Safe to Chew On? Antlers are known to be fantastic as dog chews because of their natural, long-lasting qualities. Dogs need good minerals and as antlers are packed.. Easynormous. Easy Antler Chews are specially designed for very young puppies, older dogs or 'lazy' chewer.. £18.45. View Product. Fallow Antler Dog Chew. Small 50g -75g. These softer superior antler chews and treats are good for older puppies and softer chewers. They.. £7.25 Antlers for dogs usually come from deer, elk, reindeer or moose. They are widely sold as toys, enrichment activities, and to divert dogs from destructive chewing on household items like shoes or furniture. However, vets advise against purchasing antler chews, because of the ways they can injure your dog Antler Dog Chews. We have the largest range in the UK. Antlers make fantastic dog chews because they are totally natural, long lasting, provide good minerals and are odourless to humans. From puppies to older dogs, all are fascinated by them and love to explore the different taste and texture; gnawing, playing, chewing, licking, carrying and.

LARGE: Deer, Split Elk, Whole Elk: 3 individual pieces per pound; Mix & Match: If you want to sample different types of antlers within a pound, we can mix and match whole elk, split elk, and deer of the same size, within each pound. For Example: If you order Medium Antlers by the pound, you will get 5 pieces of medium antlers in a pound. Mix. Antlers are popular chews for dogs and dog owners alike. But, the safety of antlers for dogs is a hotly debated topic. On the one hand, most dogs love the taste of antlers and can get some important nutrients from antlers But, antlers for dogs can cause more problems than they solve. In fact, chewing on hard products like elk or deer antlers for dogs can lead to dental problems like fractured teeth, and internal damage from splintering. Let's take a closer look to find out if antlers are safe for dogs, and if they should be given as a chew

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Antlers are an excellent tool for dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. But because they are considered a novel protein, once a dog is given this as a treat, Venison can no longer be considered a novel protein for that dog. This makes it much more difficult to find a novel protein if needed in the future for skin or intestinal issues Deer antlers and other hooved mammal horns are an all-natural dog chew treat that serves as a tooth-cleaning alternative to natural and synthetic dog bones Welcome to Green & Wild's online shop. The home of natural, healthy, nutritious and delicious food & treats for happy pets. We started by bringing Antler Dog Chews to the shores of Ol' Blighty and now we have many more tasty honest things to eat..... fish, venison, ox, Chewroots and many more

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Farm Food Antlers® have a nice natural scent that appeals to dogs. Farm Food Antlers ® are solid and hard. Chewing them is a nice natural activity for your dog. Chewing creates a 'sanding effect' between the teeth of your dog and the bone, causing plaque to be removed. The outside of the antler wears down until the tasty marrow is. 100% natural deer antlers. Brilliant long lasting chew, that provide your dog with various minerals and nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. Low in fat, so healthy and help to keep teeth clean. Low in odour and will be ground down over time, so little mess is created. Free from grain, gluten, additives and flavourings

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We are excited to offer Innocent Hounds genuine British deer antlers sourced from the Scottish Highlands. 100% Natural, Innocent Hounds shed deer antlers make healthy and long-lasting chews. They are also low in fat, provide minerals and nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus and help to clean teeth 2 x Antler Dog Chews Small Medium Large XL Stag Deer Bar Horn Natural Chew Antos. 4 out of 5 stars. (11) 11 product ratings - 2 x Antler Dog Chews Small Medium Large XL Stag Deer Bar Horn Natural Chew Antos. £10.99 to £42.99 Please contact us on 01567 820561 or Email: info@horncarver.co.uk to check availability. Single antlers Whole single antlers starting from 15″ up to 30″. Prices: Small - 15″ = £25.00 Medium - 22.5″ = £50.00 Large - 30″ = £75.00. Individual Horn pieces (1/2 Antler) Suitable for crafts / walking stick handles. Select from Crown. Hopefully if you do feed antler your dog wont have the same issue. Last edited: Jun 21, 2018. A. arron Well-Known Member. Jun 21, 2018 #2 I have to chuckle Keith as the vets I took her too used to sell deer antler which I had told them a few years ago was bad for dogs. The vet I spoke to told me I was wrong and that it depends on the dog. Check out our dog deer chew antler selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

Being a naturally grown , no two antlers are the same. Some are a harder dark brown colour whilst others are a softer greyish/white. They also come in various shapes and sizes, keeping your dog interested for longer. Our antlers chews are sustainable, natural resource. Local, UK . Deer Antler Chew. Small 40-70g Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew. This is a totallyhealthy unprocessed product, clean, nutritious, long-lasting and a great treat for all dogs. Fat-Free too. BUY TODAY www.staglers.co.uk. From £8.95. Large Antler Dog Chew. Guaranteed, premium quality antler which is naturally shed from wild deer annually

Introducing the Antler Dog Chew to the UK, we are now a premier supplier, holding large stocks, a reliable supply chain - and providing the highest quality and finish available. Our brand is known for its honesty and purity. Our foods are natural, healthy and always nutritious and delicious These deer antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which come from a Scottish highland herd. Our deer antler chews come from a sustainable, natural resource. They have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe

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  1. All Things Antler (ALM COMMODITIES LTD) 11122925. United Kingdom . 28 Richard Cooper Road . Shenstone . WS140NL. alex@almcommoditiesltd.co.uk
  2. Whole Deer Antler Dog Chew. £10.99. These grade AA & A antlers are from The Wild Antler Co - 100% natural chews for dogs. These Antlers are from sustainable sources and are collected every year after the deer naturally shed their antlers after the annual rut
  3. Antler dog chews are natural, healthy, nutritious, odourless and long lasting. These antlers are naturally shed from free ranging deer, naturally sustainable, and organic: no deer are harmed. Chewing releases, feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy, busy and using up energy
  4. But my dog, who must be part T. rex in his ancestral heritage, was more than happy to chomp the antler. And, from the look on his face, he'd probably have answered the question, Are antlers good for dogs to chew on? with a happy, head-nodding grin. While nylon bones, deer antlers, and non-processed large bones may look enticing to dogs.
  5. Antos antler dog chew, large (shape may vary). Red deer stag antlers 1.7kg cast suitable for crafts stick making and taxidermy. deer antler is a popular natural dog chew. Postage discounts are always given for more than one purchase if bought at the same time. Delivered anywhere in UK
  6. erals and are odourless to humans. Dog Antler Dog Chews are not only going to keep your dog occupied for hours whilst they gnaw, lick and chew their way through but they will also help keep your dogs teeth healthy
  7. Deer Antler For Dogs 100% Natural Chew Treat Long Lasting Dogs Dog. £6.99 to £15.99. Free postage. 8 WHOLE STAG ANTLER DOG CHEWS SMALL SIZE. SCOTTISH ANTLER 100% Natural. £22.00. Free postage

Home / Antos Antler / Antler Extra Large (220g-270g) (New Price) Antos Antler Our Antos Antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on High-quality chew snack for dogs, made from 100% natural dropped red deer antler and hand-cut, offering long-lasting chewing enjoyment and satisfying your dog's natural chewing instincts Deer Antlers For Sale. Welcome to DeerAntlerStore.com, the world's number one site for finding deer antlers for sale. Here, you can browse and shop through hundreds of antlers, deer antler sheds, and antler-related items, all at your fingertips. Get started by visiting our store pages on the right-hand side of the page The easy way to help clean your dog's teeth whilst they enjoy hours of chewing. These antlers are naturally shed from Scottish Highland and European deer. No additives or preservatives and won't splinter, chip, or cause blockages. Suitable for puppies. Not for human consumption. Ingredients: 100% natural deer antler. Analysis: ash 53%, protein 32%, moisture 14%, fat 0.10%, fibre 3%, calcium.

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  1. Anco Antlers. Antlers are ideal for dogs that are keen chewers with strong jaws. A true product of nature, these naturally shed Antlers are tough and long lasting, giving dogs hours of pleasure. Easy Antlers are halved making them perfect for puppies, small dogs and less aggresive chewers
  2. Red stag antler is a popular item for dog chews for the calcium and also as an aphrodisiac when ground down with the asians, there is a demand also for walking sticks, antler chandeliers and furniture, uk taxidermy scotland stag antler, skulls and skeletons suplier in the highlands www.albahighlandtaxidermy.com a uk deer antler specialist
  3. Crooked Creek Antlers, has been providing high quality all natural shed antler dog chews to pet stores across the United States since 2009. We currently offer more than 50 products all made from all natural shed antler. Our premium deer, elk, moose antler products are comprised of a mix of #1 and #2 antlers while our split elk antlers are made from only #1 antler to provide the safest chew
  4. Our elk antler bones for dogs differ from deer antler treats, because the deer antlers variety have a tendency to splinter as your dog chews through it. Elk antlers don't have that problem, which is why our online dog boutique doesn't sell deer antlers
  5. Every dog is different and picking the right size Acadia Antler is important for a great chewing experience.. We strongly suggest sizes based on the weight of your dog (and their corresponding jaw strength). If your dog is a non-stop chewer, please move up a size for a longer lasting chew. If you have more than one dog and they share their chews, buy the bigger dog's size

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  1. As your dog grinds their deer antler down, they will be treated to bits and pieces of the goodness inside. These small pieces are completely safe for dogs to eat and are completely digestible. They even pack their own nutritional punch. Antlers are a healthy and stimulating treat for your dog to sink their teeth into
  2. For Dogs. For Dogs - Puppy Favourites - Fresh from the Ocean - From the Farm - Dietary Supplement - Yakity Yak Chews - Olivewood chews - Chewroots - Antler Dog Chews - Amazin Bakery - Eco Dog Toys - Farmer Fred's Veg Patch - Wild Bill's outback tucker For Cats Other Goodies Wonkey Donkey New
  3. RidgeRunner's Split Elk Antler chews are a great choice for dogs that are new to elk antlers, more tentative or occasional chewers, puppies or older dogs. Since these elk antlers are split down the middle, they will be easier for pups to get to the delicious nutrient-rich marrow that lies inside

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Oct 13, 2013. Messages: 3,331. I think that antlers are too hard for dog teeth. We used to give them to Holly and she would work at them very hard. After reading a few posts about dogs cracking teeth on antlers we went back to more traditional chews. Hollysdad, Jul 29, 2016. #2. charlie likes this Antler velvet is a nutritional supplement made from deer or elk antlers. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in some of the 'building blocks' of cartilage. It has no major side-effects, but based on the results of two RCTs, there's no evidence to suggest that antler velvet is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis

Through statistical methods, they determined that the best pets outside of dogs, cats, and other conventional pets are the sika deer, agile wallaby, Tamar wallaby, llama, and Asian palm civet. This might be due to the calm nature of sitka deer which make them popular pets for a deer species Available in two sizes, Best in Show wild deer antler chews are long-lasting, low in fat and can help to keep your dog's teeth clean. And, because they're 100% natural, you can rest assured that they won't splinter or chip Dogs instinctively know Staglers dark real deer antler dog chews are 100% natural, delicious, long lasting and a great comforter. You can rest assured that they tick all the boxes - eco-sustainable, (from real antler, dropped naturally every year by wild deer), unprocessed, nutritious, a great teeth cleaner, fits into your dog's BARF diet. Antler Chew - Jumbo (1 x 270.00g) 298. £ 16.99. -. 0. +. 100. Our Antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. • Sharp points have been removed to make them safe Our Antos Antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe. Antler is a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium. Antos Red Deer Antler Read More

Sustainable. Our Antlers are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, from Lithuanian forests and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe. Antler is a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium Totally Natural Deer Antler Velvet. Velvet Energy UK was set up by Pauline Adams in 1998 following a trip to New Zealand as part of a Nuffield Farming Scholarship. She found out about deer velvet rather by accident after hearing about it first-hand from many enthusiastic 'velvet takers'. Fast-forward 20+ years, and we now have over 15,000. Online discounts available on selected products. Antler Categories. Red Deer Buffalo horn is the perfect dog chew as it's incredibly tough, high in protein and low in fat. The low fat content, 3%, means its suitable for dogs on a weight management diet. Buffalo horns are good for aggressive chewers and helps to satisfy chewing needs, support healthy teeth and gums and will not splinter ANTLER POWDER Our Ground Antler Powder comes in a handy sprinkle jar and is made from 100% naturally shed antler. Antler contains high volumes of natural minerals and nutrients that aid circulation and improve metabolism. These natural minerals help bones, muscles and joints, also helping to maintain healthy cells and tissue. It can also help prevent inflammation from arthritis and aid

INFORMATION: All Green & Wilds Premium Antler chews come from Grade A and AA, Red Deer antler, naturally shed, responsibly sourced, traceable and sustainable, many from the highlands of Scotland. No deer are ever halmed. Green & Wild's antlers are hand washed in pure water, hand cut and hand sanded to smooth all the edges Antos 100% Natural Deer Antler. Antos 100% Natural Deer Antler - Complimentary food for dogs. All-natural, long-lasting dog chew. Suitable for puppies and also good for dental care. From Scottish Highland and European red deer. Not for human consumption. Key Benefits: Suitable for puppies; 100% natural deer antler; Long-lasting; Low in fa Experience Mountain Dog Chews, a premium brand of antlers for dogs, dog treats and outdoor gear for the sporting dog or posh pup. When only the best natural dog treats or antler dog chews will do. 100% Premium Quality 100% All Natural 100% Made in USA 100% Safe and Secure Shopping 100% Mountain Dog Antler Export hard red deer antlers (cervus elaphus) fresh naturally shed & graded. For medicine, dog chews, knife handles, furniture & handicrafts. Supply all year. Here at Antler Export we have over 20 years' experience in the deer antler business

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  1. Chewies Red Deer Antler Dog Chew is a supplementary dog food. Chewies Red Deer Antler Dog Chews are suitable for dogs that love to chew. Splintering or biting through the antler is possible, so antler chews should always be chosen to suit your dog's size and chewing intensity
  2. erals and calcium
  3. erals. Chewies Red Deer Antler Dog Chew is a natural product so the size, shape and weight are subject to natural variation. 100% red deer antler. Calcium (20.3g), phosphorus (10.7g), iron (7.06mg), magnesium (440mg), sodium (0.5g), potassium (0.04g)
  4. All our Premium Antler chews are from Grade A and AA, Red Deer antler, naturally shed, responsibly sourced, traceable and sustainable, many from the highlands of Scotland. Our antler is hand washed in pure water, hand cut, hand sanded to smooth all the edges. Then every chew is hand checked for quality and labelled, all here in the UK, in our.
  5. utes for dispatch today. FRESCO Antler Chew Splits are made from high quality & natural cuts of European Red Deer. We offer our split antlers in 5 size options to cater perfectly for dogs of all sizes and breeds
  6. erals and calcium and is made of bone and is, therefore, long lasting, and as it is unprocessed, it will not splinter either. The Antos Antler satisfies a dogs natural urge to chew, whilst also helping to strengthen and clean teeth
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We have a huge stock of moose antlers for carving, elk, whitetail deer and mule deer, antlers for chandeliers. we stock both sheds and cut antlers. For bulk quantities, let us know what quantities that you are looking for and we can discuss pricing. For quantities under 100 lbs. see page: ANTLERS & HORNS - FOR CARVING OR CRAFTS Going back refers to the presentation/condition of the deer's antlers. As deer mature, the size and structure of their antlers generally improves. They develop more points on their head if they belong to a species which is multi-pointed — for example, red, roe, sika or fallow — and the antlers get bigger

Find out why KONG Wild Antlers all natural (and naturally shed) elk antler chews are a healthy, chewing solution for your dog The dropping of the antlers may take place within 24 to 48 hours, but the entire shedding process may take as long as two to three weeks before the antlers actually fall off. Then, throughout the summer, new antlers will regenerate. The shedding and regrowth of a deer's antlers is an amazing process. During the rut, bucks will fight using. These antlers are approximately one to two years old. While they may be sold by well-established brands, it does not mean they are safe dog chews.. While they are not the worst of the antlers, they are definitely not the safest for your dog based on their age and being dried out which means they could splinter or chip much more easily We look forward to. welcoming you! Our collection includes 12 species of Deer and animals which are long lost from the Scottish countryside including Wolves, Lynx and Scottish Wildcat plus our European Brown Bear. We are open all year round with lots to see and do! Learn about our animals with daily feeding talks, tours, Falconry shows and play. Antler chews are exactly what they sound like. Made from the antlers of either deer or elk, these particular dog chews provide hours of entertainment for your dog along with nutrition, as the middle of the antler is filled with mineral-rich marrow, much like in bones

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What are the Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet? Deer antler velvet is a truly unique superfood, containing the most concentrated source of widely-diversified nutritional substances ever found in the plant or animal kingdom. The chemical composition of deer antler velvet is highly complex, containing nearly 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients If you witness a dog chasing a deer contact the on-call police officers for Bushy and Richmond Parks via 07920586546. Find out more about Dogs in the Royal Parks [PDF 950.16kB]. To report an injury to a dog or a deer, please telephone 0300 061 2200 or email richmond@royalparks.org.uk Mountain Red produce only 100% pure, natural Deer Velvet Antler supplements, which can help to improve athletic performance, recovery from exercise induced damage, and to support healthy, flexible joints. Product is guaranteed drug free and is fully certified for sports One of the most common discussions among our Dental Specialist E-group is the explosion of deer and elk antlers in pet stores, and the deleterious effect they are having on dog's teeth. The most common tooth to be fractured is the maxillary 4th premolar tooth, which is one of the most important teeth in the mouth. The reason why this tooth is. Deer and elk shed their antlers every spring, and these antlers are a great alternative to chewing toys. Instead of giving your dog rubber, plastic or nylon, give him these natural, durable.

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Antlers & Horns for Sale — Claw, Antler & Hide Co. Our Custer, SD store is open during normal business hours ( 9-5 Mon-Sat and 9-4 Sun). Call 605-673-4345 with questions. Claws Antlers & Horns Leathers & Rawhides Leathers & Rawhides Cow Hides Goat Hides Calf Hides Taxidermy Mounts Furs & Tails Buffalo Furs Furs Hair Faces Tails Paws Feet. Fulwood, Lancashire. 3D Printed Deer Skull ~ Crystal Encrusted With Poppy Flower Antlers Would make such a lovely gift. Wire loop to back of skull to hang, or it can be a table top ornament. Approx dimensions: 24cm L, 12cm W, 18cm H with poppies, 8.5cm without. £20

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Velvet Antler, commonly from deer but also obtained from elk, is the crushed antler base of the mammal's antlers; these antlers regenerate rapidly and commonly fall off, which then appear to have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for general preventative health purposes.. Repeated studies have been conducted on the interactions of Velvet Antler and hormones, and all studies have found. Best Deer Hunting Dog — The American Foxhound. This dog, which originated from USA, is a combination of English foxhound and other similar dog breeds. Originally, this dog is bred for the purpose of hunting foxes, however, because of its running skills and great stamina, it also became the best dog to use for hunting deer. To add to that. Deer. Deer are herbivorous (plant-eating) even-toed hoofed mammals. There are more than 40 species of deer and they can be found in most parts of the world. Deer look similar to antelopes, but they have branched antlers, which are shed and regrown every year. Antelopes, on the other hand, have horns that are permanent and not usually branched

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You may have multiple sized dogs and require several different sizes no problem! Give us a call today We have it for you! 3 medium moose chews $14.99 or 3 large moose chews $26.99 (8.99 each!!!), 3 extra large moose chews for 37.99$ (12.66 each!!!) super jumbo moose chew 25.99$ and Da Giant 36.99$. PLEASE CALL US TO ORDER Deer velvet covers the growing bone and cartilage that develops into deer antlers. People use deer velvet as medicine for a wide range of health problems. People use deer velvet for conditions. The Dangers Posed By Deer. Although a number of different factors can be dangerous to people, probably the most important thing is the size of deer will often leave humans as the smaller being, and there are only a few animals that will be larger than people. However, as any hunter will attest to the vast majority of deer are nervous creatures.