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As a general rule, timber framing should cost around $1300 - $1500 per square metre. To get an exact estimate of how much timber framing will cost, get several quotes from local, trusted tradespeople from Service.com.au. If you're building your new home, you will understand that choosing your frame is an important part of the building process Costs will be based on a per m2 estimation of the plan and will depend on the design, size and type of materials used. Quotes from timber frame building firms will usually range between £1,400-£2,400 per m2 for planning and construction While lumber may have a cost of $4 per board foot 2, steel may be as much as $8 a board foot 2. Steel framing, however, provides more stability for longer runs as well as for taller roofs. Cathedral ceilings and other tall roofs and interiors require steel bracing as part of the roof even when using wood because they require additional stability Timber Roof Battens (Tin Only) $4.50 m2 600mm Centre Trusses $2.00 m2 Presheet Standard 2400 - 2550mm $6.00 m2 Standard 2700 - 3000mm $7.00 m2 Standard Presheet Includes Straighten Walls, Wet Area, Nogging Wall Ties, Man Hole Extras Cavity Slider Unit $20.00 Each External Door $70.00 Each Standard Lock $30.00 Each Dead Lock $30.00 Each Tri-Lock.

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The cost calculator also returns an estimated cost for the timber frame structure only (including only the materials that make up the structure of your new dwelling e.g. roof, floors, walls). These figures are indicative only, and true costs will depend on the nature of your project Rate Build Up for Timber Roof Construction: Timber roof construction requires a Rate Build Up for items which cannot be mapped to Roof Area. The flat area between trusses is 7.020 x 1.200m.To convert the Bill item rates to Cost per Square Metre, we have to use principles that are used in building up composite rates for Windows. In this case. Cost of Timber Frame Structure (Panels, Stud Walls, Flooring and Roof Trusses) £55,000. Grand Total Cost of Self Build Timber Frame House. £253,333. Full Build Cost For Full Turnkey/Project Managed Timber Frame House. £370,000. Choosing to self-build your new home using timber frame means a saving of. £116,667 ROOFING & ROOF DRAINAGE Up to two storeys: fixed to existing roof frame Concrete tiled roof $49 to $75/m2 Terracotta tiled roof 2$62 to $100/m Slate tiled roof (traditional system) 2$300 to $500/m Fibreglass roof $35 to $60/m2 Polycarbonate roofing 2$60 to $450/m Steel roofing - standard to marine $45 to $90/m2 Sarking 2$6 to $8/ $1480 per square metre for a timber frame house For comparison you can expect other materials to cost anywhere from: $1200 to $1600 per square metre for brick veneer $1300 to $1680 per square metre for full bric

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Shingle roofs typically have a life span of 15-30 years, while membrane roofs usually last 5-15 years. Although ceramic tile roofs are expensive, they can have a life span of over 100 years. Roof Pitch. Roof pitch is the measurement of a roof's vertical rise divided by its horizontal run. It is often compared to slope, but is not exactly the same Cost per square m:$0 - $0. * This is a common rule of thumb for estimating building costs. Our figure for your renovation is calculated from all the inputs provided to produce a more accurate costing than by using square metre rates alone - Cost of labour: 35% of your overall budget is spent on labour costs. A prefabricated frame and trusses are usually sold at lower labour costs than carpentered ones, but the price is also susceptible to the highs and lows of the market price of timber Cost of repair typically exceeds $40,000 (2) Cost of termite inspections, including preventative treatments, are $830 a year (3).This does not guarantee protection from termite invasion. In comparison, Steel Construction Australia (SCA) steel framing systems are completely termite proof. Steel is the logical choice to safe-guarding your.

Option 2 - a steel portal frame with a northlight roof solution on driven steel piles. The full building cost plans for each option have been updated to provide costs at Q2 2018. The steel portal frame provides the optimum build value at £2,547/m 2, with the glulam option the least cost-efficient On average, budget boards cost about £12 to £15/m2, medium quality boards cost between £35 to £50/m2. While, premium boards can range from £60 to £100/m2, or even higher. Preservative stops the timber from rotting and costs between £5 and £10 per litre. Decking oil gives the timber a beautiful sheen and costs from £20 to £30 per litre DIY, building, kitchen, deco and garden hypermarket offering the best prices and range. Delivery nationwide. Free Returns in store. Click and Collect In general, the cost of a timber frame home and SIP package is around $70 to $75 per square foot. The final turnkey cost of a timber frame home ranges from $200 to $250 per square foot. For comparison, HomeAdvisor.com lists the average price of building a home at $150 per square foot Building a timber frame home will range in cost from $150 to $175 per square foot for basic designs, while more complex designs can cost between $200 to $325, according to Costhelper. The average cost for a 2,000 square foot home, depending on the quality of timber employed and the complexity of the framing design, can range from $300,000 to.

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  1. NOTE: Canadian Timberframes provides Timber Frame Packages & Lock Up Material Packages only.We do not provide turn-key services.. Please consult with your local build firms for their suggested SQ FT cost for your area. The Turn-Key Range pricing is an estimate based on a sliding scale from $350/sq ft to $600/sq ft factoring in economies of scale
  2. g. Though overall pricing tends to run between $4 to $10 per square foot for labor with an additional $3 to $6 per square foot for materials, specific jobs have their own considerations.. Labor Rates Per Square Foot. Labor runs between $4 to $10 per square foot.In urban areas, expect to pay on the higher end of this range, perhaps a little above depending on demand
  3. Can anyone give me a rough indication of a per metre or per lineal metre rate for prefab timber wall frames-pretty standard 450centres, double top plate, standard windows openings, standard grade timber as well as say 2440 height. Does it generally work out at material cost + x% where x is 5 -10-20%. I realise I could call the frame and truss.
  4. The completed structural frame cost for the concrete option is estimated to range from $42 to $46 per gross square foot. Supplemental fire protection would not be required. At sensitive living areas with hard floor coverings, additional costs for acoustical dampening may be required, in the range of $1 to $2 per square foot
  5. For the purpose of the example I have allowed for a brick at circa €0.65 per brick. In a timber frame system the outer leaf will be installed in exactly the same manner as that of a cavity wall system but the blockwork will need to be tied in to the timber frame for structural stability
  6. Hi PTW As Shelley said, we had ours done as a whole job, not hourly rates. FYI, our 31sq single story (2.7 high ceelings) in inner melb: - Frame & roof truss installation by chippie $6500 inc additional timber and all materials (cost of pre fab frame & truss - $16.5k

Timber Conversion Calculator. Are you looking to convert lineal metres to cubic metres, or prices per square metre to prices per lineal metre? Look no further, this online calculator will help you with your general timber volume and price conversions. Simply select the unit to convert to and from in the dropdown list below Switch to the 174mm rebated featheredge version, and you'll need 32.5m with around 22 fixings per m2. Installation & costs. Timber cladding is mechanically fixed to battens for support and ventilation (typically at 600mm centres), but the exact setup will be project-specific Glued laminated timber, known as glulam, has also been used in construction since the mid-1800s, but the latest innovation in timber construction began in the 1990s with the creation of cross-laminated timber (CLT). CLT is a multi-layered solid timber panel product used for the wall, floor and roof elements of a building's superstructure truss count = ( (roof length * 12)/24) + 1, Rounded up to the closest whole number (for example if the result is 14.5, you need to get 15 trusses). To calculate the costs, we use the following two formulas: Including installation costs: total costs = truss count * single truss price + cost per time unit of work * duration of work Building Cost Calculator March 2016 Page 2 of 3 Carport/Garage Attached Carport: Flat Roof - Metal/Timber frame m2 $450.00 Attached Carport: Pitched Roof - Metal/Timber frame m2 $550.00 Attached Carport: Pitched Roof - Brick Piers m2 $650.00 Detached Carport: Flat Roof - Metal/Timber frame m2 $500.0

A timber frame extension usually costs less than a traditionally-built extension, because there are fewer labour hours involved in the construction. Expect to pay from around £1,800 per m2 . Oak is considered a premium building material, so an extension built with it will cost from £2,400 per m2 Timber Frame Extension Cost. The approximate timber frame extension cost is around £1,200 per square meter based on Evis Build for a 60 square meter rear extension. For a double story extension, you should consider about 160% of the price for a single story extension of the same floor area

It would be a timber frame inner, rendered blockwork outer skin with a lean to roof. the more it costs per square metre. For a small two storey extension it works out at £1600 per square metre and for a very large (total 60 sq. m)it works out at £1200 per square metre. Can you plese forward me builders that would build for £1600 m2. The cost of roof trusses: For a 64m2 house which is a standard 3-bedroom new build, you would need 14no 35mm standard roof trusses with a span of 8000mm with a pitch of 35 degrees. A project of this nature would typically cost £982.80, as indicated by our roof truss instant quote estimator below The superficial floor area cost of residential developments is not the same in these districts. The difference in cost will vary by as little as 2%, and as much as 105%. The cost range released by the local councils in 2016 is £917.00 to £ 19,439.00 per square metre Sheeting starts form Internal Corner. (1 stud width in from end) Internal Sheet. Length Angle Scale. Wall Framing Calculator - Stud Spacing and Sheeting Fit. Running measurements are and on - From start of wall to near side of each stud. Make the mark, then put an X on the far side to denote stud placement: Start of Wall → The Building 2 cost study also considered whole building cost alongside frame and floor costs, with the substructure, roof and building envelope reviewed in detail, however basement costs have been excluded from the study. As the frame material choice also impacts on programme, the results of the Mace programme and logistics analysis were also.

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  1. The oak frame cost. The cost of the frame depends on the style of oak frame i.e. post and beam vs full oak frame, the external appearance of the build; roof construction; floor construction; and site logistics. It is possible to save money by using a combination of oak and softwood. We tailor make the frame to the client's budgets and.
  2. imisation of timber waste. There are many home designs which are conducive to roof trusses and deliver an overall cost saving compared to a traditional stick-built roof. However should you prefer a stick frame we will be happy to oblige
  3. Stud Wall Partition Costs per m². Below is a breakdown of the costs that make up a timber wall stud partition. Item. Cost per m² Labour. Cost per m² Materials. Total Cost Per m². Timber Studs - including vertical studs, head and sole plates. £24. £14
  4. cost of fitting Slate tiled roof (traditional system) $305 to $480/m 2 Timber Polishing $75/m 2 Tree removal including mulching $250 to $2,000/tree Allow extra for -$ $100/m $600 TO $2,700/M2 NOTE The information provided here is general advice only. I
  5. This is set by the roof use you selected in the previous screen and cannot be modified. Loads are calculated in accordance with Table 3.1 of AS/NZS 1170.1:2002. Live load overhang kP
  6. House size: 190 sqm. Site size: ¼ acre. Build cost: £110,000 for a builder's finish (excludes kitchen/bathroom/flooring) House value: £180,000 to £200,000. Airtightness: 0.3 air changes per hour @50Pa. Walls: proprietary timber frame construction with 320mm fibreglass insulation, U-value .11W/sqmK

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The superstructure (such as the walls, roof beams and external cladding) will take up the bulk of the costs - sometimes around 30% of the total build cost. Brick and block is typically the cheapest method of construction - if using timber frame instead, the price can be increased by around 50% The timber flooring cost per square metre can range around $65 to $155.Prices may vary depending on the size, type, and quality of timber floors along with associated materials and sundries.. Generally, the lowest timber grade ranges around $40 per m 2.Standard timbers cost about $50 to $70 per m 2.The most expensive grade with the fewest defects can range from $60 to $100 per m 2. The truss roof layout we provide is easily read by carpenters or owner builders alike. TImber trusses are strong, easy to assemble, and are designed based on the specidic weather conditions and requirements for the Perth and surronding areas. All our trusses are designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and building design. You're likely to pay around £2 per metre for 4 by 2 stud wall timber at most DIY outlets. The cost of plasterboard depends on a few different factors. You'll need to choose the dimensions, thickness and edge style of the board you wish to use. Depending on your choices, you should expect to spend somewhere between £2.75 and £4.50. The default of $200 per square metre is an estimate for roofs made of timber and Colorbond or timber and polycarbonate. Size: m 2: X $ /m 2 $ Our calculator assumes you will pay up to double the cost of a timber deck, but you really need to obtain at least one quote to get an accurate price (see step 8 below)

Timber floor sanding costs, when calculated on a typical per-square-metre basis, go from $25/m2 to $60/m2, not including additional $8 to $15/m2 for the stain and polyurethane sealer. The price goes up if the condition of the floor is poor and requires a lot of prep work prior to sanding Sip panels will typically cost about five percent more than conventional framing. Frame Cost. Per builder/architect Lance O'Donnell framing costs usually run between 20% and 30% of building costs. We will use 25% for an average The average cost to build a house in Australia in 2018 was $313,800. However, depending on its location and other factors, the price of an average-sized house can range from $271,000 to $1,124,550. State. Low range cost per m 2.

The cost model is based on: 307,912ft² gross internal floor area / 223,286ft² net internal (residential) area. CLT frame, upper floors, roof, core, stairs, external walls (all first floor and above) All rates are base dated at Q2 2017 and reflect a two-stage competitive design and build tender. Exclusions from the cost model include. Cost of Plasterboards per square metre According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the standard rate for plasterboard supplies and installation range from $15 to $20 per m 2 . Plasterboard prices may fluctuate depending on the type of framing used and installation difficulties Example costs: For example, a simple house build project requiring 12 standard domestic I-joists with a span of 6000mm and a depth of 400mm, would cost £1,222.56 as indicated by our instant price calculator. This price is based on a clear span of the building and would be subject to depending on any intermediate supports, waste pipes. Timber Frame vs. Steel Frame Houses. Steel Frame. Cost; There are lots of different costs in the manufacturing and installation of a steel frame that may affect the price. For example, many steel frames are created off-site and pre-fabricated to drive efficiencies and reduce wastage and costs

When roof framing it all begins with the framing square and the layout of the common rafter. We can help you with every stage of your timber framing project from initial design through the construction phase to the final raising and finishing of the timber frame. It costs about £95-100 per m2 to install, but there are generous grants. As a rough estimation, you should budget between £2,000 - £2,500 per square metre for your your orangery. For an average orangery, measuring at 4.5m x 3.5m (16m2), the overall cost is somewhere between £30,000 - £35,000. This is the orangery cost for a completed product, including the costs for internal electrics, plastering, lighting. Australian Framing Solutions are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of light gauge steel framing. Our product range includes wall framing, trusses, floor systems, structural steel and kit homes. Specialising in design and construct projects. Steel framing specialists that are experts in construction projects of all shapes and sizes

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An A1 Non-Combustible Glass Mineral Wool roll, manufactured using Knauf Insulation's unique ECOSE® Technology, and designed specifically for use in timber frame applications between studwork. Made with ECOSE® Technology which does not contain any added phenol or formaldehyde. Products made with ECOSE® are soft to touch, they generate low. Timber is a natural product, and it needs to be treated accordingly. Depending on your design and the features of your house or the site, waterproofing, ventilation, and durability need to be considered. The majority of timber used for framing in the construction industry these days is softwood - typically radiata pine

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  1. Depending on how you choose to project manage your self build, the total construction cost (excluding what you pay for the plot) can be anywhere from £1,000 per m2 to £1,800 per m2 and above, says Sarah. When it comes to budgeting, remember that you'll need to put down a large deposit for the timber superstructure early in the project
  2. Fletcher Sisalation® Tile Roof Sarking is a strong, tear resistant pliable building membrane designed for use as sarking under concrete and terracotta tile roofs (with the exception of slate).. Protects homes and buildings against radiant heat. When installed adjacent to an air cavity, Sisalation® Tile Roof contributes to the overall Total R-value of a building; thereby providing increased.
  3. Up and Over Garage Doors Prices: 2021 Cost Comparison UK. Usually, up-and-over garage doors consist of a solid panel. Then, upon opening, it tilts out of the way, lifts above your head, and stows below the garage roof when opened. In the UK, a supplied and fitted, single, standard-sized steel up-and-over garage door costs around £550
  4. Prefabricated timber frames fitted with a lightweight Pryda Australia steel lintel above composite window heads, result in a quality and cost effective wall frame. Advantages of using.

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  1. Roof Beams 20 Verandah Beams 22 Garage Roof Pitching Beams 23 Common Installation Details 25 • H2-S TERMINATOR® - cost effective termite protection been developed by experienced timber design engineers in accordance with AS1684.1:1999 and include the most up to date loading combinations from AS1170.0-1:2002 and AS1170.2:2011. Floor.
  2. For a 2,000-square-foot home, roof truss installation typically costs between $7,200 and $12,000.You'll spend anywhere from $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot of building area for materials alone, or between $35 and $150 per truss, though extremely long and complex types can reach $400 each.Labor runs anywhere from $20 to $75 per hour.Ranges in both materials and labor are due to location, size.
  3. Landscape roof. Sedum roof, laid flat, with waterproof layer, separation layer, drainage and installation layer £150-225/m 2. Extra over cost of roof walkways. 600mm x 600mm precast concrete slabs, laid directly and fixed on flat roof finish £60-75/m 2. 1000mm wide rubber anti-slip walkway, laid directly and fixed on flat roof finish £70-80/m
  4. Overall cost per square metre was £1,148.38 for timber and £1,180.34 for masonry, with a build time of 41 weeks for timber and 49 weeks for masonry. This makes an overall cost saving in timber.
  5. g. However, the end result may be well worth it as your roofing material is estimated to last up to 50% longer and will require less maintenance
  6. Main Contractor. £200 - £250 per sq. ft. These estimated square foot prices are inclusive of building set, shell erection, window fit and construction costs. The price includes delivery to mainland site. The building set includes the timber frame with a fully boarded roof, insulation, 15mm plasterboard, triple glazed windows and external doors

Suppose you also decided that the house is to be built on a concrete slab, you wanted a loft roof, a verandah on one side of the house and a 3.6 metre carport - then the cost of your lock-up kit house would be: From Table I (Module 9, loft roof and slab floor) $141,700. From Table 2 (Verandah to one side of Module 9 house Do I have to create an account for both sites if I take out a Joint Steel and Timber subscription? No, you use the same account (email address and password, or Google sign in) for both sites. Subscribe on either site and then simply sign in with the same account on the other site

Weights of Building Materials in Walls. Material. Weight. (kg/m2) Code. 10 mm plasterboard. 8.3. AS1170.1-2002 TA2 92Kg/m 2 per 100mm. Pink batt insulation And as well as being cost-effective, timber frame buildings are also highly versatile, as they can be clad in almost any building material. But the major appeal of timber frame buildings is that they have the potential to be much greener than other building types. Building a timber frame house will result in far lower CO2 emissions than a. 17 m2-Internal walls, 38x89mm, load bearing, 9mm OSB, 2.4m high 15 m-Internal walls, 38x89mm, non load bearing, 2.4m high 50 m-Structural racking 1 item-Roof trussed rafters including straps and bracing (measured on plan) 90 m2-Extra Over Items Craneage 1 item-Fall arrest 1 item-Erection of frame and associated items 1 item-Gable ladder to roof. Our wall framing calculator is extremely easy to use! You only need two values: The stud OC (on-center) spacing; and. The length of the wall. Remember: The regular OC stud spacing is 16, 19.2 or 24 inches. (OC spacing means measuring the distance between the centers of two adjacent studs .) If you would like to use the price section of our 2x4.

Roof: PVC membrane roof covering system, on roof decking, on treated timber firing pieces, on breather membrane, on 250mm structural timber frame roof filled with 200mm Knauf Earthwool Frametherm insulation, with 80mm Kingspan Therma timber frame insulation board fixed to the internal of the timber frame construction At ACT Decks, we provide a cost calucator so you can get an estimate of how much your deck or pergola will cost, as well as compare material options. Timber type per m2 Roof Style. Frame Type Type of roof Covering. $0.00. External Wall cost: Block &facing brick £330 per 1000. Cavity wall insulation cost: £110 per m2 of floor area. Upper floors cost: softwood joists with chipboard covering £20 per m2. Windows & Doors cost: £70 per m2 (high performance softwood with double glazing) Roof costing: around £100 per m2 for tiles, felt battens, insulation and trusses Cost per sqft . $64 . $64 . $55 . $60 . $50 this study assessed regional impacts of mass timber construction alongside the opportunity costs associated with a concrete frame alternative. For a 21st century building solution, more and more tradies around Australia are skilling up on steel. Take your next project forward with confidence with frames made by Bretts using TRUECORE ® steel. Precision engineered to exact specifications, we offer design flexibility, strength and accuracy

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A database of commonly-used loads is built into the calculators. Select each of the loads acting on the beam, enter its size and the calculator will work out the rest. You can change the values of any of the built-in loads, and if you have a load that isn't in the database you can also enter your own custom loads. Try a demo Tiles (£20 per m2) Carpet (£60 per m2) Laminate (£10 per m2) Wood (£50 per m2) Walls. Wallpaper (£5 to £100 per roll) Paint (£5 to £15 per litre) Plaster (£85 per m2) Timber (0.60 to £1 per board) Staircase. Pine (£400 to £500) Softwood (£400 to £600) Oak (£1000 to £1700) Metal (£1200 to £1500) Lighting. Freestanding Lamps (£. Marley PEFC Treated JB Red Sawn Roofing Batten 25 x 50mm Red. SBTP2550. SKU: SBTP2550. Trade Sign in or apply for trade prices. £ 2 .23 inc VAT per metre. Loading. More details. FSC Standard sawn batten. Treated green 10 x 38mm

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Passive Roof System. The MBC Passive Roof system delivers a U-Value of .10W/m2K and is suitable for all roof designs (flat, pitch, barrel vault, etc), ensuring your desired building design remains unchanged. . A super insulated, timber frame house, providing exceptional energy efficiency for your new home, using the best timber available. Light steel frame building offers a wide range of benefits when compared with conventional building or other framing materials, in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed. Reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and reduced time of construction could offer cost savings of 15% or more, compared with conventional building Average cost per square metre: $110m2 - $150m2 Typical size: 41m x 21m roof only arena cover INC install at a cost of $110,000* Commercial buildings. Including: Offices, showrooms etc. Average cost per square metre: $130m2 - $229m2 Typical size: 36m x 22m at a cost of $122,000* Industrial building The design principles for CLT fall between timber frame and masonry (Figure 4). Like timber, CLT must be placed above the damp-proof level; it will need at least suitable treatment and more likely a protective cladding when used as an external facade. It is also similar to most modern timber-frame buildings in that it is fabricated off site The cost to build this home on TC1 land in the greater Christchurch area would be $354,484. This house is 199m2 with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. And above is the same plan but with a hip roof (no gables) and the cladding for this home is brick veneer. The build price for this home on TC1 land in the greater Christchurch area would be $343,808

The average cost to install timber decking is typically around £1,000-£2,200. This price assumes installing approximately 20 square metres of budget-medium quality timber. Premium timber ( £100 per square metre) will increase the amount considerably, up to around £2,500. The average price can vary greatly depending on location, preparation. In addition, prefabricated timber frames help you save money on construction costs and reduce your energy costs. At Wonson Frames & Trusses, we provide durable, prefabricated wall frames and trusses to homeowners and contractors across Sydney and the surrounding area. You can choose from a variety of timber frame systems, such as king post.

A roofing company recommended by a friend has quoted $2k including gst for removal of old roof and replacement with colorbond custom made backtray flashing. Googling colorbond replacement seems to suggest $80-150/m2 as a ballpark figure for Sydney, while this quote is closer to $250/m2 Types of Roof. A Flat Roof is a basic roof, comprised of a flat surface with just enough slope (or pitch) to allow rain to run off.; A Shed Roof is a steeper version of a flat roof and gets its pitch by having two parallel walls at different heights.; A Gable Roof is the roof type commonly found in temperate climates and good at shedding rain or snow. . Furthermore, it is the simplest of. Cladding costs (or recladding costs) will be high on the list of considerations, particularly cost per square metre. These can vary hugely, from around $182 per square metre to install pine weatherboards, to $240 per square metre for more expensive cladding options such as cedar. Despite the discrepancy, when maintenance costs are considered. Spray Foam Insulation Cost Calculator UK. To calculate how much spray foam insulation costs per square metre depends on 4 main factors: the thickness, the size of the area you want to insulate, how it's installed and the type of spray foam insulation. The first three factors are variables that fluctuate from property to property, However, the. Metsec SFS is our market-leading light gauge, galvanised steel structural framing solution for general external wall and high-rise construction projects. As one of the leading products on the market, we commissioned a report to put our SFS infill walling solution to the test compared to traditional blockwork.. As part of the testing, we compared several different real life scenarios to see how.

Our decking calculator cost estimator is easy to use - simply fill in your details, such as the size of deck you require in meters and your contact details. Please note: This deck calculator is an estimate only - variations such as specific timber, shape of the deck, site location/slope etc all have weighting on the final decking cost ShannonTimber Frame House. The Shannon Timber Frame House is our flagship model, at 154 square metres and only €84,600. This is a high qality, contemporary four bed house with large living area, four bedrooms, two ensuites and a utility room, for only €84,600 including VAT. Worth a serious look A recent independent report commissioned by Rider Levett Bucknall showed using timber frames and a more carefully planned packages for follow-on sub-contractors, was the most cost-effective structural solution, offering an overall cost saving of 2.8% and a programme saving of 19.5% The cost of this will depend on how much waste needs to be taken away, although a typical removal job would be priced at £10 to £30 per square metre of waste. If you're on a budget, you may want to opt for a typical decking which can be found in your local DIY store and will cost around £1,000. This includes: Timber decking boards - £39