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How to Loom Knit a Hat Step by Step for Beginners. In this video you will learn how to do a rib stitch brim, knit the Uwrap, eWrap and purl stitch, how to ca.. Loom Information: https://www.knittingboard.com/premium-round-loom-set/https://www.knittingboard.comLoom Knit a hat with chevron stitch pattern. Step by step.. How to Loom Knit the Linen Stitch Slouchy Hat Pattern. How to Loom Knit the Linen Stitch Slouchy Hat Pattern. Learn the Uwrap, eWrap and the Slip 1 wyif - with yarn in front for the Complete. Loom knitting hats - Spiral Stitch on a Round Extra Large 41-peg Loom. Learn the U-wrap and e-Wrap knit stitches and a cool trick to keep you on track. Great.. How to Loom Knit an Easy Bulky Chunky Rib Stitch Hat Pattern on a Round Knitting Loom with Step by Step for Beginners. Learn the stretchy rib stitch and th..

How to Loom Knit a Santa Clause Hat on a Circular Knitting Loom. Beginner easy pattern. Only knit and purl stitches. I used a 41 peg Extra Large Loom see com.. Stitches for the Loom Hat Patterns. It is difficult to follow the loom hat patterns if you don't know the required stitches. YouTube is a great source for stitches. Visit the site and put the name of the stitch in the search bar. I personally don't do well with patterns - they have to be simple with few instruction

Loom Knitting. Choose board. Save. Saved from youtube.com. Spiral Hat Pattern how to from the Stitch Niche Saved from youtube.com. Spiral Hat Pattern how to from the Stitch Niche. Simple free pattern designed by Plymouth Yarns. Plymouth Encore Colorspun works the best for color changes. To see how to finish the hat go to how I finish. Jan 31, 2019 - Explore Bobbi Kuhn's board Loom hat patterns, followed by 736 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about loom hats, knifty knitter, loom knitting You can use this pattern on any size loom with an even number of pegs. I like the 48 peg (5/8″ gauge) Knitting Board loom for larger women or average men. For odd numbered looms, you will have to adjust the pattern. I would suggest ending each K1, P1 row with an extra P1. I used a #5 bulky yarn on all the hats shown Posted by Isela Phelps January 22, 2021 January 22, 2021 Posted in Free patterns, Hat & Headbands Tags: loom knit basic hat, loom knit hat, loom knitting, loomahat Comments testing Trying to see where the comments are located in this blog

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20 Loom Knitting that are Easy for Beginners Knitting can seem intimidating and scary to someone who hasn't done it before. And while it just takes practice, if you're a beginner, you might feel more comfortable starting with another option. Here are 20 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners. Looms have made it easier than everRead More Loom Knitting Stitches Knifty Knitter Loom Knitting Projects Arm Knitting Knitting Machine Knitting Videos Cross Stitches Loom Scarf Loom Knit Hat More information More like thi Jan 21, 2019 - This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to knit what I named the Romantic Hat. I use a 41-peg XL gauge round loom and 2 strands of bulky yarn (size #5). In.

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  1. i stockings. Make two for your favorite 2-4 year old or for your holiday table as a utensil holder. So many uses for this cute little guys. As most of my patterns, this one includes a step by step video tutorial
  2. ds a waffle) using a round loom. It is very easy to make and it can..
  3. Announcing: New Loom Knit Breezy Retreat Hat Pattern. Inside: Free loom knit Breezy Retreat Hat pattern in 2 sizes including written instructions, chart, optional color changes and tutorial videos. Some like it hot, but most of us like to just be cool. Especially when it's hot outside. The Breezy Retreat Hat will keep you cool and stylish
  4. Loom knit a newborn hat for your baby or as a gift. Too often I have heard from followers and organizations that loom knit baby hats have holes. But you can knit a baby hat on a large gauge loom with no holes or chunky yarn. And, you don't need to knit with two strands. The key is the version of the knit stitch and the size of your loom
  5. Dec 19, 2018 - How to Loom Knit the Not Crocheted Hat Pattern Project. Use a extra large round loom. See the written pattern for the cowl. Webpage: http://www.
  6. Inside: Free loom knit Breezy Retreat Hat pattern in 2 sizes including written instructions, chart, optional color changes and tutorial videos. Some like it hot, but most of us like to just be cool. needle knitting, crochet and all things creative through YouTube tutorials, Facebook live broadcasts, blogs and pattern design. Her vision is.

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I was working on this hat pattern a few months ago. It features the Reverse Edelweiss Stitch, the happy accident I created when converting the Edelweiss stitch to the loom. Recently, I found out one of our fellow loom knitters, Elizabeth, passed away unexpectedly. She was a vibrant part of our loom knitting community on Facebook and YouTube If you use the 24-peg loom and knit a hat with the U-wrap or flat knit stitch it will be small enough to fit that doll. Here is a free pattern: Click HERE There is a book with Loom Knitting Patterns for the 18′ doll. There are only 4 patterns but you could always change stitches on the pattern and create a new hat, scarf or set of mitten

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  2. Baby Mittens Knitting Pattern Loom Knitting Knitting Patterns Free Free Knitting Hat Patterns Free Pattern Bonnet Crochet Crochet Beanie Knitted Hats More information More like thi
  3. The pattern is written using a specific gauge and yarn weight, but the Shaped Top instructions can be used with other looms and gauges, and even other loom knit hat patterns. The instructions include options for shaping the top with both adjustable and non-adjustable (fixed size) looms
  4. Loom Knit Hat for Beginners - Loom Size, Make Brim, Change Color - All Sizes - YouTube
  5. Knit - R to L, Purl L to R. To help you get started I designed some basic patterns with a garter stitch border: Loom Knit Basic Dishcloth or Coaster Set. Use the video tutorials below to follow along while you learn to loom knit the garter stitch. Then click the pattern link above and get started on your first project
  6. LOOM KNIT COWL/SCARF; LOOM KNIT HOLIDAY SCARF; LOOM KNIT SANTA SCARF & HAT; LOOM KNIT: THE PERFECT SLOUCH HAT! LOOM KNIT SNOWMAN HAT November 2013 (22) December 2013 (19) 2014 (23) January 2014 (4) February 2014 (3) March 2014 (1) April 2014 (3) May 2014 (4

Patons Easy Going Loom Knit Hat. Item# PAK0116-002724V. skill level: Easy. knit. Your favourite knit hat is now available for loom knitters, using Patons Classic Wool Roving. For accessibility support please contact customer care at 1-888-368-8401 OR access@yarnspirations.com. skill level: Easy. knit If you find a pattern that charges, please comment on it so that I can remove it. Enjoy! Happy Looming! Knifty Knitter, round loom, long loom, spool loom, all in one, cindwood, noble kniter, in the attic, sock loom, hat loom, blanket loom, afghan loom, s loom, . See more ideas about loom knitting patterns, knifty knitter, loom knitting Knit (14) Rows. Roll up Brim. E-Wrap Knit (3) Rows. With Off-White (using 2 strands) E-Wrap Knit 4 Rows. Drop White, use Deep Moss only. E-Wrap Knit with Deep Moss until the hat reaches 10 (or desired length) Use Gathered Bind-off and secure. Sew button on hat. Weave in ends and enjoy your new hat Double Wrapped Loom Knit Hat by Mikey. Using 1 strand and double wrapping, allow the yarn to self transition naturally. Loom Knit Santa Hat by Jennifer O'Neil. A long hat with a pom-pom. Follow Jennifer along in her free pattern. Loom Knit Minion Hat by Julie Harvell. Yes, you really can do a Minion inspired hat on a loom

Knit a Slouchy Hat on a Round Loom: I learned how to knit a hat last year - I can't believe I'm just now documenting it. I'm not a huge fan of hats but this slouchy hat style is super comfortable and warm!Knitting on a loom is easy even if you've never done it before. This is a fanta Jan 14, 2019 - How to loom knit a Beanie Hat on a loom using the Chinese Waves Stitch, Knit, Purl and Slip 1 wyif. I will explain each stitch in detailFor a supply list vis..

Apr 8, 2015 - This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to loom knit a baby hat with animal ears using a 31 peg round loom.In this tutorial you will learn: - How to cast on... Pinterest. Today. Knitting Loom Knitting Loom Patterns Knitting Patterns Cocoon Loom Crochet Loom Craft Baby Knitting Loom Knit Hat Loom Knitting Stitches The Adult Loom Knit Striped Alpaca Hat is using Patons Alpaca Blend yarn.. We will have tutorials linked below once they are ready for the concepts in this free pattern. The yarn is a roving yarn with 22% wool, 10% nylon, 60% acrylic and 8% alpaca Deborah Shaw Loom Knitting Stitches and Patterns. 1,562 likes · 34 talking about this. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj5HXahWSyXVCwT30E3GdGQ.. My Baby-Knit Looms from Authentic Knitting Board came in this past week! I was very excited to try them out. Sometimes it is hard to gauge whether you need to use a 24-peg loom or a 31-peg loom when making baby hats (or how many pegs to use on a small-gauge loom like the All-in-One), so this loom takes the guesswork out of the process of making baby hats and baby booties

This Basic Loom Knit Hat is worked with some lovely Noro Silk Garden. Knitting loom: Premium Round Loom Set by KBLooms, used the white round loom (72 pegs). Yarn: Approx 110 yards of worsted weight silk mohair wool blend. Sample used Noro Silk Garden in Train to Tokyo. Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle The pattern can be found in the Sock Loom Projects book by KBLooms. The video demonstrates Round 2 of the stitch pattern used in the pattern.. Loom used for the demonstration: KB Looms Premium Chunky Round Loom (the smallest one in the set). Knitting tool: KB Looms tool, came with the package of the Premium Chunky Round Looms. Yarn used for the demonstration: Malabrigo Rasta Loving the latest nonchalant style in hats, a soft slouchy look that provides you with a sense of softness and youthfulness. Jordyn's Slouchy Hat is named after my beautiful model who provides the hat with the perfect attributes. Pattern Information Knitting Loom: All-n-One Knitting loom, using 102 pegs

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Also, any patterns for scarves, hats, and any additional stitches would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! mari on January 12, 2010: Thank you! Daughter got a loom kit from Grandma. Grandma helped her make a hat on the round loom, but couldn't figure out the long loom (horrible directions). Then Gma went home & it was up to mom to figure it out. Easy Loom Knitting Hat Video Tutorial. This loom knitting hat tutorial is great for beginners, kids or for those of you looking for a fun and quick hat project! This tutorial uses a large loom and size 6 bulky yarn. Active Time 1 hour 30 minutes. Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes. Difficulty absolute beginner Knitting And Crochet. Loom Knitting Pattern.

This collection of warm winter knit hat patterns is just as cute as the playful animal hats above. There's a cozy hat to suit every child's needs in this list. Keep that sweet little head warm in a classic cable knit hat, such as the Chill Be Gone Hat. For a colorful look, try the Farmer's Market Hat or another striped beanie. There are. Largest collection of knitting looms sold in the world. Made in the USA. Strong durable knitting looms in 6 different gauges and over 50 sizes. For More Info Call 801-477-635 Discover All Loom Knitting Patterns. Loom knitting hats . When loom knitting a hat opt for a round (circular or oval) loom. Perfect for crafting plush beanies, slouchy hats, and snug toppers for the whole family! A hat is a great beginner project on your loom adventure,. Loom a Hat, Marianna, Florida. 67,693 likes · 250 talking about this. Loom Knitting made EASY. Loomahat.com Where you go for Easy Loom Knitting Patterns, Video and Text Tutorials

Loom Knit Hat with Ribbed Brim. January 9, 2021. February 6, 2021. 0. LOOM: 'Premium' Chunky Round Looms, 48 pegs, orange loom, or Flexee Loom Chunky. YARN: Approximately 80 yards of bulky weight acrylic yarn. Adult sample . Read More. Free Patterns In this video you will learn to loom knit a slouchy beanie hat to go with the loom knitted cable scarf (link to the scarf tutorial) the Tuteate Team taught you how to use your long loom to knit. Well in this loom knitting video you get to put your circle loom to use to knit a the [

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In this loom knitting video tutorial by R U Loom Knitting you will learn to loom knit the no curl Rice Rib Stitch/Pattern created by Christie Davis. The first thing I need to tell you about this loom knitting video is that it is not a project video that takes you from the beginning of a project to the end of the project Related Posts: Rib hat with rib edge - Loom fabric - YouTube; Knit loom The new rice rib stitch without Brighton Beanie - a knitted loom pattern Repeat this till you have knitted 6-6 1/2 total of the hat. Make sure you end the pattern on row 2. Row 1: *purl 1. Lift the third loop off the peg and place it to the second peg. Knit both of those loops off together. Bring over the working yarn in front of the third peg (yarn over) loosely. Knit the fourth peg Knit Children's Hats. These knit children's hat patterns are adorable knit hats for kids and they come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find animal patterns and colorful knit patterns among many other designs. Plus these tiny sized patterns take no time at all! Before you know it, you'll have a precious gift for those special young ones in your. Love the pattern and video! My daughter is 7 and we started knit looming together. She made the hat using the pattern that came with the loom. When I found this pattern I was excited to see the video with it. It's helped both of us learn to read the pattern and understand what is to be done next

Florida, United States About Blog Loom knitting is a fun and easy way to knit without needles. Your tools are a loom and a yarn hook. The goal of this Blog is to teach you to make many projects using a knitting loom in simple terms with detailed step by step instructions and easy techniques. Frequency 1 post / month Since Nov 2012 Blog loomahat.co 1-16 of 265 results for free loom knitting books Plymouth Encore Worsted Yarn Knitting Pattern F236S Fingerless Gloves (I Want To Knit) by Royal Yarns | Nov 24, 2012. 4.2 out of 5 stars 254. 9 Men's Knitting Patterns: Men's Knitted Hat Patterns, Knit Scarves, & More. by Prime Publishing | Jul 20, 2016. 4.3 out of 5 stars 185. Kindle. $0.

WAYION Round Knitting Loom Plastic Hat Weaving Looms Kit with Loom Hook/Needle, Creativity for Kids Small Knitting Loom Kit - Perfect for Sock, Hat, Leg & Arm Warmers, Scarf & More (Blue) 5.0 out of 5 stars 7. $7.59 $ 7. 59. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon This hat pattern is the basic starter hat. I don't love it but it's a perfect way to start. It's fast and very easy and virtually every beginner knitting YouTube video is this hat. The scarf on the right was done on the round loom in a flat knit stitch. Big mistake, of course, it curled and required lots of blocking Updated The Best Free Knit Ponytail Hat Patterns Aka Messy Bun Beanies Still A Popular Trend Round Loom Knitting Ponytail Hat Pattern Loom Knit Hat Loom size chart is for circle looms You can use a square loom to make hats but this website for now is focused on the round loom

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Knitted Hat is fashionable and cheap, come to Zolucky to find out about the Clothing Accessories Saved by Zolucky Knitted Hats Kids Baby Hats Knitting Baby Knitting Patterns Knitting Designs Knitting Blogs Knitting For Beginners Loom Knitting Free Knitting Tricot Simpl Nov 12, 2018 - Explore sheila velasquez's board Loom knitting stitches on Pinterest. See more ideas about loom knitting stitches, loom knitting, knitting stitches Loom knitting is an alternative to traditional knitting that produces the same beautiful stitches. Learn how with these free loom knitting patterns!<br /> <br /> We have many patterns to share with you, for basics like hats and scarves and also for different loom knitting projects such as slippers, baby cocoons, and more. <br /> <br /> Loom hat patterns make nice first.

16 Loom Knitting Scarf Patterns. The loom knit scarf is one of the easiest and most demanded scarf patterns for beginners. The new knitters make requests for the loom knitted scarves most of the time. It requires a basic pattern and a few techniques to create a fantastic loom knit scarf. One can easily refer to the step by step videos and. Double Knitting. Double knitting on a loom creates a 2-sided fabric in which 2 rows of pegs are used with the weaving working across both rows. This creates finished knit on both sides which is perfect for multi color designs This knitting pattern is very handy and ideal for infants. Also many can make them for charity project as gifts to precious babies! Tulip Preemie Knitting Hat Pattern. You can make a quick and easily knitted hat for your infant. Make sure to knit in the round so that no pressure comes on the newborn's tiny head Now, continue to wrap rows clockwise after that and knit 12 more rows. 1) When your hat, sock etc is long enough it is time to remove it from the loom. 2) Cut a yarn tail about 15 long. 3) Thread a yarn needle with yarn tail. 5) Pull needle and yarn all the way through the stitch on peg. 6) Lift stitch off peg Download Patons Cable and Rib Knit Hat Free Pattern knit. Go to Product: Red Heart Ribbed Knit Beanie skill level: Intermediate. Shop Kit Download Red Heart Ribbed Knit Beanie Free Pattern knit. Go to Product: Caron Men's Basic Hat and Scarf Knit Set skill level: Beginner. Shop Ki

thank you very much. I am really new to loom knitting and made 2 preemie hats from the internet and the youtube videos are very helpful too. Also did a neck warmer as i did not have enough yarn to do a scarf i just sewed the two chunky sides together as i was using chunky yarn its nice and thick The Classic Autumn Hat is a simple, attractive knit hat pattern that you'll reach for over and over again this season. The beauty of this hat is in its simplicity. The neutral, oatmeal colored yarn is flecked with spots of brown and double knit for an extra chunky texture. Get This Pattern The Ramsey Hat from Lion Brand is an easy pattern for knitting a bunch of hats for the cause. It would even be a good option for kids or teens who are learning to knit. Of course, you can also knit this in any color and wear and share them for gifts! Ramsey Hat Pattern from Lion Brand. 06 of 16 Various Off Site Links to round, long, and board knitting loom patterns . Afghan made on Yellow round loom -- cable cast on for loom. Baby Booties from Isela Baby Cuddle Loom Knit Sack/Cocoon. Baby Sweater, socks, hat . Candy Cane. Dog Sweater for a small doggie. Flower-Loom Booties from Guppy Girl. Hugging Sweater and bunting - preemie size. Loom knitting is fun, easy, and faster than knitting with needles! You can make scarfs, hats, sleeves, leggings, and many other things with a knitting loom! In this instructable I will give you easy instructions for casting on, knitting, and casting off with a knitting loom

Knitting looms create neat looking garments without the hassle of using knitting needles, counting stitches, and using knitting patterns. You can easily make a scarf with a knitting loom, and it is a great project for beginners. Try making a scarf for yourself or as a gift for a friend! Collect. Loom, hook & yarn needle: 24 peg loom from a basic loom set; Scrubby Yarn - https://amzn.to/2U8bR3a Cotton Yarn - https://amzn.to/2FaIqDZ Needle Threader: https://amzn.to/2FJR12B Scissors; As per the written pattern and video, you can use any yarn you want, but usually you use 1 strand of scrubby yarn and 1 strand of other yarn (most use cotton - but whatever you like) Go all the way around the loom. Knitting uses 2 rows at a time, so to get started you will have to wrap a second row around the loom. To begin knitting, use the hook to pull the lower stitch up and over the upper stitch, leaving one loop on each peg. Then, wrap a new row of yarn around the loom like you did to begin, and knit a second row Because my loom knitted hurdle stitch hat and scarf have been so popular, I decided to make a matching baby blanket and hat set using the same stitch. As I noted in my hurdle stitch hat post, this is technically not the traditional needle knit hurdle stitch pattern.I'm new to reading knitting patterns and totally messed up in my conversion. What I ended up with is still such a beautiful stitch

TOTALLY TUBULAR patterns and other things for sock machines Terrific Tunics Vests with Men in Mind Wanderlust Cables Warm Hands Workbook-all kinds of mittens, gloves and fingerless gloves Winsome Wraps LOOM KNITTING Socks of All Sorts for Knitting Looms Loom knitting patterns are on my Ravelry store here Loom Knitting videos: traditional looms Free Hat Knitting Patterns. There are so many free knitted hat patterns to search through! We have some super cute bobble hat knitting patterns or maybe you're after a beautiful knitting pattern for baby hats?Discover hat patterns for all yarn weights - whether it's a quick chunky knit or a double knit hat pattern, free to download. There's a free hat knitting pattern for every skill level.

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Saved from youtube.com. Tricotin - Bonnet Point Houle / Loom Knitting Saved by hobbies alex62. 123. Loom Knitting Patterns Knitting Videos Knitting Projects Loom Knit Hat Knit Crochet Big Knit Blanket Jumbo Yarn Big Knits Knit Pillow 1. Insert a loom hook into the lower loop. Take a loom hook and insert the tip under the bottom loop of a peg. The hooked portion of the hook should catch on the yarn so it doesn't slip off. If you're concerned that your working yarn will come loose, wrap it around the anchor peg to secure it while you knit Knit Hat Pattern // Gingerbread Icing Ear Flap Hat - pattern only - PDF. shopknitsandprints. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (157) $3.50. Add to Favorites. Now up to 9 years! PDF knitting pattern- Cosy Ears Aviator hat Yes -- all made on a knitting loom! This comprehensive class includes three quick-knit hat and cowl patterns so you can practice your new loom-knitting skills. Accessories are a great way to learn new skills because they are small and can be made quickly. As an added bonus, this video class includes all of these patterns as free downloads so.

Slouchy Hats – Tag HatsBEGINNERS: How To Loom Knit A Scarf - YouTubeMargarita Stewart: Knit an elf hat in a few hoursLOOM KNIT MEN&#39;S RIBBED BEANIE

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Saved from youtube.com How to Loom Knit Fingerless Mittens changing colors (DIY Tutorial) This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to knit fingerless mittens using a circular loom of 14 cm (5,5) diameter and 24 pegs ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set Long Knitting Board Weave Loom Craft Yarn Kit DIY Tool with Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles for Hat Scarf Shawl Sweater Sock Blankets Knitter 4.6 out of 5 stars 959 $38.9 Since then, Authentic Knitting Board Company has come out with some pretty great options for these types of looms: the All-n-One Adjustable Loom and the Adjustable Hat Loom, which is almost a direct alternative to the MS Loom, but is actually a little bit more sturdy and the pegs stay in place much better Loom Knit Basket PATTERNS, Bread Basket, Yarn Basket, Door Knob Basket, Round Basket, Rectangular Basket, (4) PDF PATTERNS included. Loom Knit Clutch, Purse, Evening Bag, Wristlet PATTERN. Elegant Evening Bag, Wedding and Party Purse. 1 PDF Pattern. Loom Knit Market Bag Pattern. This versatile bag can be used as a beach, toy or yarn bag

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Step3: Using a new piece of white string and the darning needle, create another drawstring by picking up every other stitch along a row about 2.5 -3.5 down from the top depending on if you are doing the Small or Large Snowman. Tie with a knot and wrap around once. Tie a couple of knots and leave a long tail Our range of knitting looms/ boards include adjustable wood and plastic looms to knit in small, regular and large gauge. Make anything from small scarves on the 32 peg loom to large sweaters and afghans on the 28 or 38 Knitting Looms, or Afghan Loom ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set Long Knitting Board Weave Loom Craft Yarn Kit DIY Tool Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Hat Scarf Shawl Sweater Sock Blankets Knitter 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,242 $38.99 $ 38 . 9 This hat can be knit on Boye's Light Weight Yarn Round Loom, 66 pegs, 7/16 gauge OR the All N One loom. The pattern gives instructions for making the hat on either loom. The Brighton Beanie uses approximately 250 yards of a worsted weight yarn and is suitable for a novice loom knitter

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2. AVOID BULKY SEAMS. Bulky seams are a no-no because they can chafe the skin. Avoid seams altogether by knitting the hat in the round. 3. CHOOSE A STITCH PATTERN THAT PROVIDES ADEQUATE COVERAGE. The hat fabric should be dense enough to provide sufficient warmth and covering. Avoid open, lacy stitch patterns. 4 As you continue knitting you will see your progress start to flow out of the bottom of the loom, making it easy to see your achievements so far. Continue knitting until you reach a preferred length. I wanted my cowl to be a bit loose, for easy sliding on over the head, so I decided on a length of a little over 2 feet

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Greatly speeds up the knitting process. Complete an entire scarf in less than a day, knit hats hassle free. Definitely beginner friendly. The package came with clear instructions to knit your own hat, and I found many helpful YouTube videos. It also comes with 4 loom knit rings varying in sizes, a jumbo sized needle, and a pick The 18 projects in I Can't Believe I'm Loom Knitting include Beginner Knit Hat, Next-Step E-Wrap Knit Hat, Garter Stitch Brim Hat, Sampler Afghan, Corn on the Cob Hat & Scarf, Honeycomb Hat & Scarf, Felted Basketweave Tote, Hooded Vest, Lattice Pillow, Bejeweled Fingerless Gloves, Robin's Hood, Garter Wedges Baby Blanket, Ridged Lace Hat, Lace.

LOOM KNIT: SNOWMAN SCARF | Loom Knitting by This Moment isRound Loom Knitted Scarf - YouTubeLOOM KNIT COWL/SCARF | Loom Knitting by This Moment is Good!