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Mr. Rienstr To write 26/100 as a percent have to remember that 1 equal 100% and that what you need to do is just to multiply the number by 100 and add at the end symbol % . 26/100 * 100 = 0.26 * 100 = 26% And finally we have

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Fraction and whole number multiplication calculator that shows work to find what is x times a/b. The step-by-step calculation help parents to assist their kids studying 3rd, 4th or 5th grade to verify the steps and answers of the product of integer and fraction homework and assignment problems in pre-algebra or in number and operations in base ten (NBT) of common core state standards (CCSS. Unit Fraction Calculator: Unit Fraction Calculator. Men ALEKS math tutoria How do I write 5/12 as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction Get the answers you need, now! randalundmark randalundmark 12/04/2019 Mathematics A unit fraction is 1/x. You try to find x*1/12=5/12. x=5/12*12/1. x=5. 5*1/12 is you answer. New questions in Mathematics

5.NF.4. Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication to multiply a fraction or whole number by a fraction. Interpret the product (a/b) ( q as a parts of a partition of q into b equal parts; equivalently, as the result of a sequence of operations a ( q ÷ b Scientific notation is a way to express numbers in a form that makes numbers that are too small or too large more convenient to write. It is commonly used in mathematics, engineering, and science, as it can help simplify arithmetic operations. In scientific notation, numbers are written as a base, b, referred to as the significand, multiplied. 1. The column, AS A FRACTION will be used to re-write the decimal portion (partial unit) of each plant's production as a fraction (including the whole number of units). Simply RE-ENTER THE WHOLE NUMBER FROM EACH DECIMAL and then ENTER A SPACE. 2. Express the partial unit, after that space, by RE-ENTERING THE DECIMAL PART OF TH A unit fraction is a rational number written as a fraction where the numerator is one and the denominator is a positive integer. Question 2. Write \(\frac{5}{6}\) as a sum of fractions in two different ways In this lesson, we solve problems where we find the product of a fraction and a whole number. Rules for finding the product of a fraction and a whole number. We first write the whole number as a fraction, i.e., we write it divided by one; for example 5 is written as 5/1

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In math, a unit fraction can be defined as a fraction whose numerator is 1. It represents 1 shaded part of all the equal parts of the whole. Here are a few examples of unit fractions. Fun Facts. The product of two unit fractions is another unit fraction Unit Fractions: Part of the Number One. When it comes to unit fractions, each unit fraction is a part of the number 1. For example, 1/2 is a half of 1, 1/3 is a third of 1, 1/4 is a fourth of 1. A number is prime if it has no whole number factors other than 1 ti mes itself, that is, the number cannot be written as a product of two whole numbers (except 1 times itself) In 380.251 the digit 5 stands for _____ ., Name a common multiple of 9 and 15. Explain how you found it., Name 3 prime numbers between 10 and 20., Round 765.99 to the nearest tenth This unit builds on the following key conceptual understandings about fractional parts. Fractional parts are equal sized parts of a whole or a unit. A whole or unit can be an object or a collection of things and is counted as 1. Fractional parts are named by the number of equal parts that are needed to make a unit

I can solve real world problems involving division of unit fractions by non-zero whole numbers by unit fractions. In fifth grade, students experience division problems with whole number divisors and unit fraction dividends (fractions with a numerator of 1) or with unit fraction divisors and whole number dividends ‐ 7 less than the product of 2 and a number; 2x ‐ 7 CONTENT ELABORATIONS 6.EE.1 Students demonstrate the meaning of exponents to write and evaluate numerical expression with whole number exponents. The base can be a whole number, positive decimal or a positive fraction Write the mixed number for 62/12. 5 2/12. 200. 3/7 + 2/14 = 4/7. 200. A number that multiplies by another whole number to make a product. A number that divides evenly into another number. 500. Write 2 improper fractions that equal 3. Answers will vary Unit Fraction. more A fraction where the top number (the numerator) is 1. Example: 1/4 (one quarter), which has a numerator of 1. Fractions

Unit 4 math vocabulary decimals. Base-ten numbers. decimal point. Expanded form. Exponent. The numbering system; the places or positions of the numbers a A point placed between the whole number and the fractional par a way to write numbers by adding the value of its digits Students need to develop a fundamental understanding that the multiplication of a fraction by a whole number could be represented as repeated addition of a unit fraction (e.g., 2 × (1/4) = 1/4 + 1/4

Unit 1 - Whole Numbers and Decimals Unit Title: Whole Numbers and Decimals Course: 5th Grade Mathematics and products. Locate numbers on a number line. Use related multiplication facts to estimate (and may write 26/100) but I can also think of it as 260 thousandths (260/1000). So, 260 thousandths is more than. A circle graph, or a pie chart, is used to visualize information and data. A circle graph is usually used to easily show the results of an investigation in a proportional manner. The arcs of a circle graph are proportional to how many percent of population gave a certain answer. Example. An investigation was made in Mathplanet high school to. Remember: A decimal number, say, 3 can be written as 3.0, 3.00 and so on. Bring down next digit 0. Divide 10 by 2. Write the remainder after subtracting the bottom number from the top number. End of long division (Remainder is 0 and next digit after decimal is 0). 205 ÷ 2 = 102. How can 7/8 be written as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction? Math. What is 0.26 written as a fraction in simplest form? 26/100 13/50 26/10 13/25 . mathematics. Melissa rolls two number cubes, each with sides that are labeled 1 to 6. What is the probability that the product of the numbers will be greater than or equal to 18 The concept unit fraction is a fraction that has a one in the denominator. Fordivision to divide unit fractions example, the fraction 3/5 is 3 copies of the unit fraction 1/5. 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 = 3/5 = 1/5 x 3 or 3 x 1/5by whole numbers and wholenumbers by unit fractions.1a

Round 12.19 to the nearest whole number. Round 146.1878 to the nearest thousandth. 23.2. Round 23.24 to the nearest tenth. 0.43. Round 0.426 to the nearest hundredth How to convert decimal to percent. 1 = 100%. The value V % in percent (%) is equal to the decimal value V d times 100%:. V % = V d × 100%. Examples. 0.01 = 0.01 × 100% = 1%. 0.05 = 0.05 × 100% = 5%. 0.3 = 0.3 × 100% = 30%. 0.35 = 0.35 × 100% = 35

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is the new referent unit (whole) . 3 out of the 4 squares in the 3 2 portion are shaded. A 2 1 cup is only 4 3 of a 3 2 o Use knowledge of fact families to write related equations: n + 26 = 100, 100 - n = 26, 100 - 26 = n. Select the identifying equivalent forms of whole numbers and can write expressions in various forms. Students generat Use the distributive property to express a sum of two whole numbers 1-100 with a common factor as a multiple of a sum of two whole numbers with no common factor. For example, express 36 + 8 as 4(9+2). KNOWLEDGE: Identify the factors of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100 and determine the Greatest Common Factor The procedure to use greater than less than calculator is as follows: Step 1: Enter two numbers in the respective input field a and b. Step 2: Now click the button Solve to compare the numbers. Step 3: Now, the result will be displayed in the output field where it shows whether the first number is greater than or less than the. A second misconception that is directly related to comparing whole numbers is the idea that the longer the number the greater the number. With whole numbers, a 5-digit number is always greater that a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-digit number. However, with decimals a number with one decimal place may be greater than a number with two or three decimal places

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C. In determining the number of density bonus dwelling units to be granted pursuant to the standards of this section, the number of existing apartment units within the structure or structures proposed for conversion shall be multiplied by 0.25. Any resulting decimal fraction shall be rounded up to the next whole number. D Where there is a combination of uses on a lot, the number of bicycle parking spaces required shall be the sum of the requirements of the various uses. The exceptions provided in Section 12.21 A.4. (j) for automobile parking shall also apply to bicycle parking. (4) City Owned and Leased Buildings and Parking Lots

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Let's look at some examples. 1. 12.87. The only part of this decimal number that in a whole number is the 12. You can deal with the fractional part in a couple of ways. 2. 1. You can just ignore it and go with 12, or 2. You can round it. Since .87.. 2 List all the prime numbers between 25 and 60. 3 Find the prime factorization of 93. 4 Find the GCF of 6, 18, and 30 5 Find the LCM for 6, 28, and 48. 6 Write the fraction in simplest form 7 Multiply and write the answer in simplest form. 8 Divide. Write the result in simplest form 5.NF.7 Apply and extend previous understandings of division to divide unit fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by unit fractions.1 . Interpret division of a unit fraction by a non-zero whole number, and compute such quotients. For example, create a story context for (1/3) ÷ 4, and use a visual fraction model to show the quotient 6.NS.4. Find the greatest common factor of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100 and the least common multiple of two whole numbers less than or equal to 12. Use the distributive property to express a sum of two whole numbers 1-100 with a common factor as a multiple of a sum of two whole numbers with no common factor

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  1. To calculate percentages, start by writing the number you want to turn into a percentage over the total value so you end up with a fraction. Then, turn the fraction into a decimal by dividing the top number by the bottom number. Finally, multiply the decimal by 100 to find the percentage
  2. istrative, technical and financial resources. With limited resources for data collection, this often puts pressure on national statistical systems to.
  3. 31. $1.25. PDF. This product contains two separate worksheets. Each worksheet contains 10 questions involving word problems with multiplying whole numbers by unit fractions (i.e. 1/5). This allows students to apply this concept to real-world situations. The first worksheet has only whole number answers. The second
  4. Unit 3 Division - Free ebook download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. mat
  5. Subtract the percent of discount from 100%, and then multiply the remainder by the marked price. Using the previous example, the marked price is $75 and the dis- count is 20%. 100% = 1.00 20% = 0.20 1.00 - 0.20 = 0.80 $75 0.80 = $60.00 selling price This is the same answer you obtained by the first method
  6. ators, we can either make.
  7. estimate the product by rounding to the nearest ten or hundred. write numbers in standard form. multiplication/division fact families: 5-11-55, 5-12-60. 5b Sharing. 82. 180-81. identify the fraction that names part of a whole and part of a set. fractions that equal 1 whole

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Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers 8. Make a number line with the hundredths tick marks from 0.6 till 0.7. 9. We also use decimal numbers to write money amounts. A cent is a hundredth part of a dollar. So $5.12 means 5 whole dollars and 12 hundredths of a dollar, or 12 cents. With dollar-cent amounts, we always use two decimal digits after the point A fraction-of-a-cent cost change can represent a large dollar change in overall profitability, when selling millions of units of product a month. Managers must carefully watch per unit costs on a daily basis through the production process, while at the same time dealing with materials and output in huge quantities

Then, we divide both 3 and 10 by the greatest common factor to get the following simplified fraction: 3/10 Therefore, this equation is true: 3/10 = 3/10 If the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator of a fraction, then it is called an improper fraction. In that case, you could convert it into a whole number or mixed number fraction But this one you can put because that just means zero whole numbers, zero 1s.1351. That you can write there if you would like.1357. That is a decimal for that fraction.1362. Write each fraction as a percent.1367. Here anytime you want to go to percent, you always need a decimal.1372. I have a fraction; I need to change it first to a decimal138

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Pure and Ru-doped goethite (α-FeOOH) nanorods were prepared by a hydrothermal precipitation method using a strong organic alkali tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) , .According to this synthesis procedure, 20 ml of the TMAH aqueous solution (25 % w/w, electronic grade 99.9999% by Alfa Aesar) was added to 180 ml of the aqueous solution (Milli-Q water) containing 10 mmol of Fe 3+ and Ru 3. Unit 3 Student Edition. UNIT 3 Proportionality: Ratios and Rates MODULE MODULE 7 Representing Ratios and Rates 6.4.B, 6.4.C, 6.4.D, 6.4.E 8 Applying Ratios MODULE MODULE and Rates 6.4.A, 6.4.H, 6.5.A 9 Percents MODULE MODULE CAREERS IN MATH Residential Builder A residential builder, also called a homebuilder, specializes in the construction of. This 4th grade math game will help reinforce the Common Core Standard 4.NF.C.5. In this game, students will express a fraction with denominator 10 as an equivalent fraction with denominator 100, and use this technique to add two fractions with respective denominators 10 and 100. For example, express 4/10 as 40/100, and add 4/10 + 26/100 = 66/100 In 5th grade students divided whole numbers by unit fractions and divided unit fractions by whole numbers. Students continue to develop this concept by using visual models and equations to divide whole numbers by fractions and fractions by fractions to solve word problems. Create a model and context for each of the products. Write and model. Write decimals and fractions greater than 1 shown on grids Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Writing decimal numbers shown in grids (video) | Khan Academy The resources below are fraction grids that you can use in your Maths lessons

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  1. e the percentage of a reduction A seller gives you a discount of 30 USD on a household electrical appliance to 210 USD. What is the percentage reduction
  2. Mole Fraction of component = (Number of moles of given component)/(Total number of moles in a solution) Number of moles of heptane = (26/100) mol = 0.26 mol. Molar mass of octane (C 8 H 18) = (8 × 12 + 18 × 1) If the solubility product of CuS is 6 × 10 -16, calculate the maximum molarity of CuS in aqueous solution
  3. The number with the least number of digits is the smallest number. If the list has more numbers with the least digit, then compare the values and write down the smallest number. Step 2: Write down the smallest number first, and then compare with all the remaining numbers with the same number of digits
  4. ator (bottom number) by the whole number. This will tell you how many (numerator) for the whole number. Step 3 Add the numerator of your fraction to your answer. This will give your total Step 4 Write your answer as a numerator over the existing deno

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  1. IEC 60512-26-100 may be used as an alternative to IEC 60512-27-100 for connecting hardware that has been previously qualified to IEC 60603-7-3:2010. EXAMPLE 2 Within an EPB document, if the quantity is not passed to other EPB documents, one or more of the subscripts may be omitted provided that the meaning is clear from the context
  2. Write a number sentence to show what fraction of the set of shapes is: triangles, circles, squares, rectangles. UNIT 21. NUMBERS. The product of a whole number and a decimal tenths has one.
  3. First, find the mean of the six numbers by adding them all together, and dividing them by six. 88 + 94 + 80 + 79 + 74 + 83 = 498. 498/6 = 83. Next, find the variance by subtracting the mean from each of the given numbers and then squaring the answers. 88 - 83 = 5. 5 2 = 25. 94 - 83 = 11. 11 2 = 121. 80 - 83 = -3 -3 2 = 9. 79 - 83.
  4. The antacid tablet was added to 50.00 cm 3 of 0.100 mol dm −3 sulfuric acid, which was in excess. Calculate the amount, in mol, of H 2 SO 4. [1] a. Formulate the equation for the reaction of H 2 SO 4 with Mg (OH) 2. [1] b. The excess sulfuric acid required 20.80 cm 3 of 0.1133 mol dm −3 NaOH for neutralization
  5. o acid similarity with GTs. However, little is known about the function of DUF266 proteins. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that DUF266 proteins are only present in the land plants including moss and.
  6. The reaction mixture in B consists mainly of products because the equilibrium lies to the right. Two acidic solutions, X and Y, of equal concentrations have pH values of 2 and 6 respectively. For each of the reactions A and B, deduce whether water is acting as an acid or a base and explain your answer
  7. ators, and then rewrite the equivalent fractions with that number as the denomi- nator. Add the numerators. Write the sum over the deno

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  1. Mathematically proficient students in grade 5should solve problems by applying their understanding of operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions including mixed numbers. They solve problems related to volume and measurement conversions. Students seek the meaning of a problem and look for efficient ways to represent and solve it
  2. Review of the existing bibliography shows that the direction and magnitude of the long-term trends of UV irradiance, and their main drivers, vary significantly throughout Europe. Analysis of total ozone and spectral UV data recorded at four European stations during 1996-2017 reveals that long-term changes in UV are mainly driven by changes in aerosols, cloudiness, and surface albedo.
  3. Christian Kästner, Eunsuk Kang, and Sven Apel. Feature Interactions on Steroids: On the Composition of ML Models.Technical Report 2105.06449, arXiv, May 2021. [ .pdf, http, bib ] The lack of specifications is a key difference between traditional software engineering and machine learning
  4. Manufacturing unit should be set-up on or after April 1, 2015. 2. New plant and machinery should be acquired and installed on or after April 1, 2015 but before April 1, 2020. Deduction is limited to whole of the amount paid or deposited subject to a maximum of Rs. 1,50,000 12. 26. 100% deduction shall be allowed from the AY beginning on.
  5. Prime Numbers Chart and Calculator. (if we can make it by multiplying other whole numbers it is a Composite Number) And 1 is not prime and also not composite. Here we see it in action: 2 is Prime, 3 is Prime, 4 is Composite (=2×2), 5 is Prime, and so on..
  6. 5th math cc unpacked - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online

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The whole device was then preserved at 160 ± 3 °C for 1 h, 180 ± 3 °C for 1 h, 200 ± 3 °C for 2 h, and 250 ± 3 °C for 4 h. Structural parameters are shown in Table 2. The composite panels were in rectangular plate shape and then cut to smaller samples. Total fiber volume fraction was around 54% A binary representation of a decimal fraction can not be precise in all cases for mathematical reasons. You can read more about this here. To avoid the problem, you need to add half of your smallest unit to the input. This would be 1./60/100/2 in this case. length = 123.45; const float epsilon = 1./60/100/2; length += epsilon

Although the absolute number of migrant workers in the United States is much higher than in other countries, foreign-born workers are a comparable fraction of the workforce in many other countries. Capital is the other mobile factor of production, and there are many ways to invest capital in a foreign country cohesionless only when the minus #40 fraction has a plasticity index of zero as classified by ASTM D 4318. 7) Degree of Compaction: Degree of compaction is a percentage of the maximum density obtained by the test procedure presented in ASTM D 698 or ASTM D 1557 as specified, abbreviated below as a percent of laboratory maximum density Note: We do not write . . . five hundred and twenty-one. We never include and when saying or writing whole numbers. Example 5 Use digits to write twenty trillion, five hundred ten million. Solution It may be helpful to first draw a skeleton of the number with places through the trillions

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Assumptions: The number of technology adopters will be between 70% and 75% of households reached and capacitated Indicator 9: Number of local companies linked to base of pyramid consumers and supplying products that meet minimum standards 0 4 12 Companies will be selected for supplying off-grid renewable energy technologies through solar jangos. 5. The sum or difference of two even numbers is always even. 6. The product of two odd numbers is always odd. 7. The product of two even numbers is always even. Problems: 1. If a number when divided by 296 gives a remainder 75, find the remainder when 37 divides the same number. Method: Let the number be 'x', sa EASA Module 1 - Mathematics - Aircraft Maintenance Technician Certification Series [2 ed.] 1941144411, 978194114441 The pangenome profile of Dickeya solani species. BPGA [] was implemented for the calculations.Abundancy of the core, accessory and unique pangenome fractions within the pangenome of D. solani (a).Total number of distinct gene families referring to the pangenome size (dashed line; power-fit curve equation: f(x) = 3924.52 ∙ x 0.0256574) in addition to the number of core gene families (dash. Multiplying Whole Numbers by 100 A5 Worksheet - - 3. Rocket Race to 100 Worksheet. Decimal and Fraction Colouring Worksheet - 6. Square Numbers Activity Booklet. Square Numbers Activity Booklet - 7. PlanIt Maths Year 2 Number and Place Value Lesson Pack Read and Write Numbers (2) - 2

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 3.101 (1)(a), the initial fee for facilities to be licensed as general hospitals but certified as long term hospitals pursuant to 42 CFR 482 et seq. shall submit: a base fee of $5,881.08 and a per bed fee of $51.59. The initial licensure fee for long term hospitals shall not exceed $10,833.58 In fact, when these numbers are broken down by category, only 54% of ADs are visual inspection for large transport aircraft, versus 75% for the other categories (small transport, general aviation, rotorcraft). 3.1 Visual Inspection Defined. There are a number of definitions of visual inspection in the aircraft maintenance domain

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  1. Find the number of unit cubes in the puzzle. Write using exponents. b. Why do you think the expression 33 is sometimes read as 3 cubed? 34. NUMBERS Write 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 in exponential form. 35. COMPUTERS A gigabyte is a measure of computer data storage capacity. One gigabyte stores 230 bytes of data
  2. The majority of the charts were on unemployment and relief, but one chart showed estimates (not based on Decennial Census or national sample survey data) of the number of families in various income classes in 1929. 6 According to these estimates, which were taken from a private study 7, 42 percent of all American families were estimated to be.
  3. Transcript This page intentionally left blank FFIRS 09/16/2010 8:48:25 Page 1 SEPARATION PROCESS PRINCIPLES Chemical and Biochemical Operations THIRD EDITION J. D. Seader Department of Chemical Engineering University of Utah Ernest J. Henley Department of Chemical Engineering University of Houston D. Keith Roper Ralph E. Martin Department of Chemical Engineering University of Arkansas John.

otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions, or ideas contained in the material herein. Previous editions copyrighted 2016, 2013, 2009, 2005, 2001, 1996. Library of Congress Control Number: 201895410 A whole number A fraction number A mixed number A decimal number LWBK914-C04_p69-98.indd 70 20% 1/2% 20 1/2% 20.5% 07/11/11 2:13 PM CHAPTER 4 Percents, Ratio, and Proportion 71 Fractions and Percents Sometimes it is necessary to change a percent to a fraction or a fraction to a percent to make dosage calculations easier Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience IF A USER SEEKS TO INTERPOLATE AT A SEQUENCE AO 23 C OF POINTS, EFFICIENCY IS GAINED BY ORDERING THE VALUES AO 24 C INCREASING AND SETTING IT TO THE INDEX OF THE CALL. AO 25 C IF IT IS 1 THE SEARCH FOR THE INTERVAL (X (K) , X (K+l) ) AO 26 C CONTAINING T STARTS WITH K=l

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MINERALS TECHNOLOGIES INC. RETIREMENT ANNUITY PLAN. SECTION 1 Definitions. Wherever used in this Plan: a. Anniversary Year means 1) the twelve-month period following the date on which an Employee first begins his employment with an Employer, as well as successive twelve-month periods thereafter, and 2) the twelve-month period following the date on which an Employee returns to the employ of. FSA Math-4th 1-50 - Manatee Elementary. MAFS.6.NS.3.7 - Worksheet 1 - the School District of Palm Beach. WELCOME TO CURRICULUM NIGHT There are a number of receivers on the market--the Degen DE1103 comes to mind--which would have made it to this list had they not been updated with a DSP chip. Manufacturers add DSP to reliable models in order to increase profit margin, since DSP chips cost a fraction of traditional receiver design 83. Chris Wanstrath. 18/100. CEO, Github. Described as the Facebook for code , Github's rapidly growing software development network is made up of over 15 million users. With more than 38. Here the value on the left is the nuclide id (which must correspond to an entry in the cross section directory file) and the value on the right is its mass fraction (negative number) or atomic fraction (positive number) in the composition. The nuclide ids consist of three parts: 92 235. 03c-0.04 92 238. 03c-0.9

(9) The Revenue Cabinet may issue administrative regulations and require the filing of forms designed by the Revenue Cabinet to reflect the intent of KRS 154.26-010 to 154.26-100 and the allowable income tax credit which an approved company may retain under KRS 154.26-010 to 154.26-100. Section 25. KRS 141.405 is amended to read as follows The Writing Lab offers one-to-one assistance with writing assignments and general writing skills. The Math Lab gives short-term and semester-long support for a variety of mathematics courses. The Learning Resource Center also offers developmental math, reading, and writing classes iii.As used in this Section 1.8, Unreserved Number means the Maximum Number (defined below) minus ten (10), and Reserved Number means ten (10); provided, however, that Tenant, upon 30 days' notice to Landlord from time to time, may (a) change the Unreserved Number to any whole number from zero (0) to the largest whole number not. A Hierarchical clustering of gene clusters (rows) computed over the gene frequencies for each of the target products (column) — malic acid, fumaric acid and succinic acid. Frequencies below 20 %. Teacher Preparation and Selection in Pennsylvania: Ensuring High Performance Classroom Teachers for the 21st Centur

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1. masses of each element in the compound Step 3: sometimes the numbers calculated in step 2 will need to be multiplied up to give whole numbers. 2. percentage mass of each element in the compound These whole numbers will be the empirical formula. Example 9 : Calculate the empirical formula for a compound that contain The number of triphasic potentials generated by individual muscle fibers summate to give rise to a motor unit potential recorded in electromyography (see Chapter 13-5). The waveform of the recorded potential varies with the location of the recording tip relative to the source of the muscle potential.6,19,23,57,59 Thus, the same motor unit shows.